Research Support Guide

College Associate Deans for Research and Center & Institute Directors

All requests for internal support require the approval of and electronic submission through the college administration and department chair or center & institute director. The following are the current contacts for submissions. They also have information about college-level research support.


College of Agriculture - Rick Bennett
College of Arts & Sciences - Betty Lorch
College of Business & Economics - Nicole Jenkins
College of Communications & Information Studies - Nancy Harrington
College of Dentistry - Jeffrey L. Ebersole
College of Design - Susan Eriksson
College of Education - Robert Shapiro
College of Engineering - Anthony Elam
College of Fine Arts - Karen Bottge
Graduate School - Brian Jackson
College of Health Sciences - Charlotte Peterson
College of Law - Richard C. Ausness
Libraries - Mary Beth Thomson
College of Medicine - Jim Geddes
College of Nursing - Tom Kelly
College of Pharmacy - Linda Dwoskin
College of Public Health - Nancy Schoenberg
College of Social Work - Melanie Otis

Research Centers & Institutes:

Center for Applied Energy Research - Rodney Andrews
Center for Computational Sciences - Jim Griffioen
Center of Membrane Sciences - Dibakar Bhattacharyya
Center for Research on Violence Against Women - Diane Follingstad
Center for Structural Biology - Lou Hersh
Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute - Kathy Shepphard-Jones
Kentucky Geological Survey - Jerry Weisenfluh
Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute -  Lindell Ormsbee
Tracy Farmer Institute - Rebecca McCulley

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