Center of Excellence for Watershed Management

In 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated the Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute as a Center of Excellence for Watershed Management. The Institute was the first Center of Excellence in Kentucky and the seventh in the Southeast region. To become recognized as a Center of Excellence, an institution must demonstrate technical expertise in identifying and addressing watershed needs; involvement of students, staff and faculty in watershed research; the capability to involve the full suite of disciplines needed for all aspects of watershed management; the financial ability to become self-sustaining; the ability to deliver and account for results; a willingness to partner with other institutions; and support from the highest levels of the organization. Benefits of being a recognized Center of Excellence include receipt of EPA technical assistance where needed (instructors, speakers, etc.); promotion of the Center of Excellence to stakeholders; EPA letters of support for grant opportunities; and identification of opportunities for Center of Excellence involvement in local and regional watershed issues.