KWRRI Annual Symposium

Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium

The Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium brings together researchers, personnel from local, state, and federal agencies, undergraduate and graduate students, participants from volunteer groups and NGOs, and members of the public and provides opportunities for individuals conducting water-related work (e.g., research, management, education) to discuss their activities, preliminary or final, with others interested in the waters of the Commonwealth.  Conference registration fees are kept low through partial subsidy of symposium expenses, using USGS 104(b) technology transfer and matching funds, to ensure accessibility to individuals from all potential audiences. 

The day-long symposium combines oral presentations and poster presentations that allow attendees to hear the latest in water resource related research. All recipients of the USGS 104(b) student research enhancement grants funded through the Institute during the previous award cycle present their results at the symposium. There is also an annual awards luncheon during the day which provides the opportunity for the presentation of KWRRI’s annual awards acknowledging outstanding contributions in the areas of Water Resources Research, Water Resources Practice, and Water Quality. The full proceedings documents from previous Symposium's are available for download online from UKnowledge's Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium page.