Incubator Companies

Based on the research of Alexandre Terentiev, Ph.D. and Lance DeLong, Ph.D.

Bioptics Technology LLC

Bluegrass Advanced Material, LLC
Joe Wyse, Chief Executive Officer,, (859)948-4716
Bluegrass Advanced Materials (BAM) is developing naturally derived antioxidant polymers that will be used in many commercial applications. Our strategy is to develop our own BAM products and supply technology to existing business to improve commercial products.

Peter Huettl
Based on research from the Center for Microelectrode Technology, Greg Gerhardt director, Peter Huettl assistant director
Developing a new generation of clinical diagnostic devices for patients with epilepsy and traumatic brain injury.

Carina Medical, LLC

Colt Neck, LLC

Enepret, Inc
Chase Kempinski, Chief Scientific Officer

Fission Biomedical, LLC
Based on the research of Patrick J. Casey, BVSc, Ph.D., MRCVSFission Biomedical LLC is a Kentucky based company specifically set up to commercially develop unique IP that pertains to the new growth behaviour of Eutherian Mammalian Cells. In short this new cell theory, which has been patented (see below), teaches that cells are self directional and given the appropriate conditions can regrow for tissue repair and regeneration.  The Director of the Company is Dr Padraig O’Casaigh BVSc, PhD. MRCVS

GISMO Therapeutic, Inc.
Paul Gregory, Ph.D., President, 347-251-7342
Gismo Therapeutics is developing new oral therapeutics for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, based on a new technology platform (GISMO) targeting glycosaminoglycans.
The company is funded by grants and a private investor.

iOPtics, Inc. 

Minerva Systems & Technologies
Kalyan Ganesan, Chief Technology Officer, 859.489.0156 or 859.218.6569
Minerva Systems & Technologies, LLC is an emerging technology company with expertise in navigation and guidance, satellite & wireless communications, signal processing, and embedded hardware and software design and development.

MyoAnalytics, LLC. 
Yuan Wen, Ph.D. President and Cheif Executive Officer, Phone: 859-379-8153 Email: 
MyoAnalytics is primarily a software company that provides analysis software focused on muscle tissue and cells. The company's vision is to enhance automation and precision and facilitate scientific research. MyoAnalytics currently provides advanced muscle analysis consultation services, which include deployment and maintenance of MyoVision Pro analysis software, providing ongoing training and troubleshooting, upgrading software with fixes and new analysis modules, and developing custom analysis modules upon request. 

Based on research by John Littleton / molecular pharmacology and plant genomics
Commercialized technology that enables bio-prospecting (screening) of Kentucky native plants and mutant plants for molecules that could lead to plant-based medicines and natural insecticides. Founded in 2002, the company's current focus is on non-toxic insecticides, CNS-acting drugs and chemotherapeutic agents.

Redleaf Biologics, LLC
Jordan Wood, COO, 205-910-0641
Based on research conducted by RedLeaf's CEO, Seth DeBolt, Ph.D.
RedLeaf is a biomanufacturing startup producing natural food colorants, antimicrobials, and antioxidants for human and livestock applications.

Signal Solutions LLC
Bruce F. O'Hara, 859.266.0964 
Signal Solutions LLC was formed in February 2009 to sell products and support research associated with their non-invasive, high-throughput sleep-wake tracking system for mice. Currently, several systems are being used in research labs around the world including an 80 cage set-up at The Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, ME) as part of a large-scale NIH U54 project to perform deep phenotyping on individual mouse gene knockouts to better understand these genes and associated diseases. Signal Solutions was chosen as a primary subcontractor for this five year effort referred to as KOMP2 and supported by the International Knockout Mouse Consortium. In April 2013, Signal Solutions was awarded a 2-year Phase I NIH SBIR grant to further extent the capability of its system to track REM and nonREM sleep in addition to other behaviors. Signal Solutions also develops a variety of other hardware and software for assessing physiological variables in mice, horses, and people.

Seikowave, Inc. 

Verragio, LLC

Voyekov Labs, LLC
Kerry M. Codoley,, 859-310-2664
We are an Industrial Hemp extractior, processor, and manufacturer. We specialize in cryogenic primary extraction, molecular filtration, and cannabinoid separation. We are committed to producing a range of products made from Industrial Hemp cannabinoids for a broad market.

W-Z Biotech
Cherry Croft
W-Z Biotech, founded in 2009 by Dr. Jay Zwischenberger, surgery, and Dr. Dongfang Wang, cardiothoracic surgery, specializes in the development of novel medical devices for cardiopulmonary surgery and hyperthermia delivery systems for lung cancer therapy.

ZDZ Tech LTD. Co.