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10th Annual TODD Symposium

"Development of Substance Use Disorder Therapeutics: from Prevention to Cure"

Each year, the UK College of Pharmacy invites scientists from across campus and the nation to discuss the latest scientific advances in pharmaceutical sciences. 


Tai Lectureship
Kim Janda, Ph.D.,
Scripps Research
"Biologics for the treatment of substance use disorders"

John Cryan, Ph.D.,
University College Cork, Ireland
"A gut (microbiome) feeling about the brain and behaviour"

Featured Speakers
Kathryn A. Cunningham, Ph.D.,
University of Texas Medical Branch
"Defining and mining targets for drug discovery in addiction"

Michael Bruchas, Ph.D.,
University of Washington
"Dissecting neuromodulatory circuits in affective behavior"

Thomas Prisinzano, Ph.D.,
University of Kentucky
"Chemical approaches to addressing the opioid epidemic"

The Therapeutics, Outcomes, Discovery & Delivery (TODD) Symposium brings together scientists from various disciplines for a day of seminars, poster sessions, and conversation. This year the symposium will focus on substance use disorder.