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Battery Research Opportunities Today and in the Future - Mercedes-Benz Perspective

Tobias Glossmann
Senior Systems Engineer
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to represent a significant share of car sales in just a few years, according to major market analysts. In the tradition of Mercedes-Benz, high performance and safety are high priority characteristics of the battery system. Li-ion batteries are the standard electrochemical energy storage option today. However, they do not achieve the energy density, robustness, and durable lifetime required by the EV industry. Improvement is always needed and too many engineering measures in and around the battery cells are required today, including cost, weight, and packaging space. This seminar will highlight some research opportunities that would improve batteries, including some topics Mercedes-Benz R&D is actively working on.

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Tobias Glossmann has been working in battery systems R&D for more than 15 years. He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Esslingen (Germany) in 2001 with a Master’s degree in Electronics and Mechatronics Engineering. He is currently completing a Master of Science degree in Chemistry at Oakland University on his free time. The areas of his contribution include patents and innovation in electrical systems, thermal systems, controls, battery pack design, cell chemistry and sensors. He leads Mercedes-Benz R&D in research of battery technology in North America including numerous collaborative research projects with universities, companies, and the National Labs.