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Clustering: What is it, and how does it affect study design and statistical analysis?

Clustering is a general term for situations in which outcomes from subjects from the same group tend to be more alike relative to outcomes from subjects in different groups. For instance, clustering may arise when data are obtained from litters of rat or mice pups, or when data are obtained from groups of people that are defined by schools, medical care practices, etc. This presentation will discuss how clustering may arise, and how it affects study design and statistical analysis. 


Philip Westgate, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor, Dept. of Biostatistics,
UK College of Public Health

The BERD will be available for short consultations or questions on study design, data analysis, statistical software questions, proposal development and/or writing, or any other statistical questions. Full consultations may be scheduled in follow-up to questions asked during this time. 

Registration is required. Email ccts@uky.edu by Friday, January 26th. Call 859-323-8545 to make physical arrangements to attend.