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Fundamentals of Survival Analysis: A Hands-on Workshop in SAS

Survival analysis, or time-to-event analysis, deals with outcomes that consist of the time to some event. For example, a study may be conducted to assess the time to remission, time to relapse, or time to death; and oftentimes we want to know how these differ between two groups. This workshop will cover fundamentals of conducting time-to-event analyses including censoring, Kaplan-Meier estimation, log-rank tests, and Cox proportional hazards models. Material will be presented through interactive programming exercises using SAS statistical software. This CCTS-sponsored workshop is open to any UK affiliate who has familiarity with basic regression concepts and SAS programming. 

Led by: 

Deborah Adekunle 
Michael Anderson
Ran Duan

BERD Research Assistants
Depts. of Biostatices & Epidemiology
UK College of Public Health

Registration is required. Register at the link in the sidebar by Friday, March 15, 2019. Space is limited. If you require special physical arrangements to attend, or have other questions, please email berd@uky.edu.