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HES Graduate Student Research Day

The School of Human Environmental Sciences is preparing for our 2018 HES Graduate Student Research Day on Friday, April 6th, 2018. Current graduate students are invited to submit a research poster for judging and display. Posters should feature original, student-led research based on data analysis, application or testing of theory, review and synthesis of a body of research literature, or lessons learned from an internship. Posters should also highlight new and innovative findings, and a section on implications is encouraged. The event provides an ideal time for students to share thesis or dissertation research.

All posters will be displayed in Erikson Hall on April 6th. Guidelines for submission are as follows:

  • A PowerPoint template branded with department specific logos for each of the three academic departments in HES is available for students. Students can choose one of two template formats. Contact Ruth Cremeans at Ruth.cremeans@uky.edu to request the poster template file for your department.
  • Posters should contain sections related to background literature, the research method(s) used, new and innovative findings, a discussion of the findings and a summary sharing implications.
  • Be sure to explain terms that are discipline specific so that the project and findings will be clear to individuals from other disciplines.

Previously conference presented posters will be accepted. Original size of previously presented posters will be accepted. Submissions should be sent to Ruth.cremeans@uky.edu by March 21, 2018, preferably in PowerPoint. PDF files will also be accepted. The School of HES will print the posters and convene a faculty committee to select a winning poster from each of the four graduate programs.

Posters will be displayed on first floor of Erikson Hall on April 6th from 10:30 to 11:30am. All authors are expected to be present to discuss their posters during this time.

Winners (up to one master’s student in each department and one doctoral student in Family Sciences) will be notified by March 28th and invited to present a 15-minute overview of their research during the seminar portion of the program on April 6, 2018, 11:40 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  In addition, winning posters will each receive a $50 monetary award provided by the Research Center for Families and Children.

Each student can only be lead author on one submission, but may be a co-author on other submissions. Faculty co-authors are okay, but the work should fit within the student’s abilities, and the student should have taken the lead role in conceptualizing the study and analyzing the data. Only one $50 award will be give per winning poster, not per winning poster co-author.

Note: Kilpatrick Fellowship recipients are not eligible to submit the study proposed in the fellowship application, but may submit other research for consideration. Kilpatrick Fellowship recipients are invited to present their Kilpatrick Fellowship studies during the research showcase if they choose.

Questions should be directed to Ruth.cremeans@uky.edu.