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How Discrimination and Disparities Impact Children and Teens: Research on Ethnicity, Social Class and Social Orientation

Stacey S. Horn, professor of educational psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, will discuss “Developmental and Contextual Factors Related to Sexual Prejudice Across Adolescence.” Horn’s research focuses on issues of sexual prejudice and bias motivated harassment among adolescents, adolescents’ reasoning about peer harassment, as well as LGBT students’ experiences in schools and communities.

Rashmita S. Mistry, professor of psychology and child development at University of California, Los Angeles, will focus on “Exploring Social Class Identity in Childhood and Adolescence: What, How and Why?” Mistry’s research focuses on consequences of poverty and economic stress on child and family well-being, young children’s reasoning about social class and economic inequality, and children’s social identity development.

Tiffany Yip, professor of psychology at Fordham University, will discuss “The Opportunities and Challenge of Moving Towards Diversity: Discrimination, Sleep and Identity.” Yip’s research focuses on ethnic identity development among minority youth, young adults and adults; direct and indirect association between ethnic identity and psychological adjustment; and the impact of ethnic-specific and general stressors for well-being outcomes.

The three visiting professors’ remarks will be followed by responses from Professor Sherry Rostosky in the UK College of Education and Assistant Professor Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi in the UK College of Arts and Sciences Department of Psychology.