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IRC Symposium 2022 - Day One

Igniting Research Collaborations Symposium 2022

Monday January 24 - Friday January 28, 2022
12 - 1 pm
Online via Zoom (https://uky.zoom.us/j/87513133459)

Day 1: Presentations and Presenters

AI-power augmented reality intubation training for first responders

Daniel Lau (COE), Zaki Hassan (COM), Peng Wang (COE), Siavash Tohidi (CFA)

Growing Health: Fostering rural community health with hospital-based fresh food hubs
Krista Jacobsen (CAFÉ), Jing Li (COM), Lilian Brislen (CAFÉ), Mark A Williams (CAFÉ), Mark V Williams (COM)

Modulation of TAK1 as a therapeutic target in mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)
Mark Lovell (A&S), Adam Bachstetter (COM)

Simulation-deep learning-experiment pipeline for discovery of novel deep eutectic solvents
Qing Shao (COE), Jian Shi (COE), Jin Chen (COM)

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