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KGS Seminar: John Hickman, "A reevaluation of Precambrian features in and around Kentucky"

Dr. John Hickman, a geologist with the Kentucky Geological Survey, will present a presentation "A Reevaluation of Precambrian Features In and Around Kentucky."

Although no Precambrian geologic exposures exist in Kentucky, Ohio, or Indiana, geoscientists over the past several decades have made numerous interpretations about the nature and history of the local Precambrian basement from limited well penetrations and regional geophysical surveys. Using data and techniques that were not available to researchers for much of this period, this presentation will revisit many of these structures and discuss what the implications are of these newer data. Features to be discussed include the Grenville Front, the Midcontinent Rift, the Fort Wayne Rift, and the East Continent Rift Basin.

Contact Doug Curl: doug@uky.edu for the presentation Zoom link.