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Lethal Injection Enters a Second Generation: New Drugs, Protocols, and Controversies

Clinical Ethics Grand Rounds

Presented by:

Frank Romanelli, PharmD, MPH,
Paul F. Parker Endowed Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science; Associate Dean, Educational Advancement, UK College of Pharmacy

Daniel R. Malcom, Pharm D,
Associate Professor and Vice-Chair, Clinical and Administrative Sciences, Sullivan University College of Pharmacy

Lethal injection as a means of capital punishment remains a controversial and ethically challenging topic.  Early first generation injection protocols have been continually met with legal challenges. In attempts to address the shortcoming and constitutionality of first generation protocols, newer second generation protocols have emerged. These procedures have also been questioned.  This presentation will review as well as compare and contrast first and second generation protocols and the ethical challenges and controversies surrounding their use.