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Myron and Elaine Jacobson Innovation Award

Former UK Faculty members and successful entrepreneurs Elaine and Myron "Mike" Jacobson co-founded Niadyne. Their pharmaceutical development company focuses on the discovery and development of uniquely efficacious molecules to prevent and treat skin conditions that result from an impaired skin barrier. 

During this Inaugural Symposium at the UK College of Health Sciences, the Myron and Elaine Jacobson Innovation Award recipients will be announced. Additionally, Elaine and Myron will present on their research on the uses of niacin, and recipients will have short presentations of their work. 

"Niacin at the Epicenter of Healthy Life Span"
Elaine L. Jacobson Ph.D.

"Therapeutic Implications of Skin Barrier Impairment and Repair"
Myron K. Jacobson Ph.D.