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"The Power of Procrastination" - Preparing Science Professionals - Jorge Cham

Communication is key to that success, and PhD Comics’ Dr. Jorge Cham will share his expertise during two free science-communication career presentations on Thursday, September 6.

Nationally known for his unique approach to communicating science and for his insights into – and empathy for – the world of Academia, Dr. Cham earned his PhD in Robotics from Stanford University and was an instructor and Research Associate at Caltech.

An author, filmmaker, comic book creator and scientist (among other things), Dr. Cham returns to the University of Kentucky as part of his science career outreach.

A recent survey by U.C. Berkeley found that 95% of all graduate students feel overwhelmed, and over 67% have felt seriously depressed at some point in their careers. In this talk, Jorge Cham recounts his experiences bringing humor into the lives of stressed-out academics, examines the source of their anxieties and explores the guilt, the myth, and the power of procrastination. A book-signing session immediately follows in the Memorial Hall Lobby.