Complete the Kentucky Water Workforce Survey today for a chance to win a $100 gift card! Scroll down for more information on how to participate.

Do You Have Experience as a Manager or Operator at a Water Utility in Kentucky?


Researchers at the University of Kentucky are inviting individuals, age 18 and over, who have experience as a manager or operator at a water utility in Kentucky to take part in the Kentucky Water Workforce Survey. The purpose of this research study is to learn more about operator recruitment and retention. The goal is to gather information about Kentucky’s water workforce and gain a better understanding of the challenges, barriers, and opportunities in hiring and retaining operators. The study is funded by the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance. 

Interested participants will be asked to take a brief 10 - 15 minute anonymous online survey. There are two surveys- one for operators and one for managers. You may take both surveys if you are working as an operator AND you also manage a utility. Read the descriptions below and click on the survey link that best fits your role at the water utility.



Operators: Certified and non-certified utility staff who have worked as a drinking water and/or wastewater operator in Kentucky.



Managers: Decision-makers (i.e., managers, owners, directors, mayors, board members, council members) of permitted utilities in Kentucky that can provide responses from the perspective of the overall utility. If you manage more than one Kentucky utility, please complete individual surveys for each facility. 


After the survey response has been submitted, participants will be offered an opportunity to visit a separate website to fill out a form to enter to win a gift card. On this form, participants may provide their name, email, and phone number so that they can be contacted if they win. The information provided here can in no way be linked back to the survey.

There will be drawings for a $100 Amazon gift card at the end of each of the 5 weeks the survey is open. There are two drawings each week- one for participants in the operator survey and one for participants in the manager survey. Participants are only eligible to win one time. Your odds of winning are dependent on the number of people who respond to the survey. For example, if 500 people respond to the survey, you have approximately a 1 in 100 chance of winning. The following organizations provided funds for the purchase of the gift cards:

  • Clean Water Professionals of KY & TN
  • KY/TN Chapter of American Water Works Association (AWWA)
  • Kentucky Rural Water Association (KRWA)
  • Kentucky Municipal Utilities Association (KMUA)
  • Kentucky Water and Wastewater Operator’s Association (KWWOA)

To download a flyer about this study, click here: Kentucky Water Workforce Survey Flyer (PDF, 1 pg)