Facility Use

training access


All users must complete steps 1 through 3 below before receiving training on core instruments. Training is performed for either individuals or for groups of two (2) users. If you are a new user, please read the New User Procedure documentation (PDF, 1pg).

Facility Access

Users can request badge access by emailing Xu Fu. Access is restricted to registered users or with permission from facility staff. 


Rates FY22-23 (FY23 rates are subject to change, prior to RFS Approval)

Instrument Rate*         
Atomic Force $32.00/hr
Imaris $4.00/hr
Nikon A1R $32.00/hr
Nikon A1R - Time Lapse $120.00
Nikon SIM $32.00/hr
SP5 AOBS $32.00/hr
X Clarity - Unassisted $21.00
X Clarity - Assisted $205.00
Zeiss LSM880 $32.00/hr
Zeiss Axioscan Z1 $6.00/hr
Zeiss Axioscan Z7 $10.00/hr
Widefield $5.00/hr
Technical Services/Support $40.00/hr
Laser Capture Microdissection $32.00/hr


*There will no longer be separate rates for after-hours use