eSirius3G Animal Requisition

When you have received IACUC approval for animal use, contact Cheryl Carmichael, in the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR), to establish your departmental start-up and/or grant account number(s) in the eSirius3G database. After the account setup process has been completed, you will then be able to submit an online animal order in eSirius3G

In the table of contents section, click on Animal Orders then select Create New Animal Order. This link will take you through the animal ordering process that includes selecting your approved protocol number, if you have several to choose from, your order source (type), specifications i.e. strain, age/weight, sex and species (mouse, rat, etc.).

Select the account number to which the animal purchase will be charged and any other specifications you wish to include. Please follow the on-screen instructions.

For any questions or problems, contact Cheryl Carmichael by email, ( or by telephone at 859-323-6006.

Ordering deadline for Jackson, Envigo, Charles River, and Taconic is Wednesday at 4:00 pm the week before the animals arrive. The deadline for NIA orders is Tuesday at 11:00 am the week before the animals arrive. 

Jackson and Envigo shipments come in on Mondays. Charles River, Taconic, and NIA shipments come in on Tuesdays. For larger animals contact Cheryl Carmichael for the deadline.