Research Misconduct

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) supports the institution in its efforts to promote ethical conduct of research.  The ORI provides educational materials and lectures to assist in educating faculty, staff, and students on federal, state, and local rules and regulations in the area of ethical research conduct. 


Designated Research Compliance Officer (handles allegations of research misconduct):

Helene Lake-Bullock, Director of ORI or (859) 257-9428

Toll-free Number to contact ORI regarding allegations of research misconduct:



Definition of Research Misconduct

Research misconduct is defined as plagiarism; fabrication or intentional falsification of data, research procedures or data analysis; or other deliberate misrepresentation in proposing, conducting, reporting or reviewing research. It does not include honest error or honest differences in interpretations or judgments of data.

In cases of allegations involving activities submitted to or supported by a federal agency, the definition for research misconduct specified in the agency's regulations will apply.


  • Administrative Regulation 7:1 ( formerly II-4.0-2 ) Research Misconduct [HTML]
  • Public Health Service (PHS) Policies on Research Misconduct; Final Rule [HTML]
  • Federal ORI Policy on Plagiarism [HTML]
  • Authorship: Points to Consider - University of Kentucky guidance [HTML]
  • Data Retention & Ownership Policy [HTML]
  • Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office of Research Integrity (ORI) Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Infographics [HTML]