Sabrina Darnell

  • Finance and Compliance Officer
  • Intellectual Property Development Team
  • Office of Technology Commercialization

Sabrina is the Finance and Compliance Officer in the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) at the University of Kentucky, where she coordinates and oversees all the financial aspects relative to the intellectual property and agreements processes/compliance including the distribution of royalties to inventors. Sabrina also provides Bayh-Dole Invention Reporting and compliance to NIST iEdison and administers the OTC patent database. She is a member of AUTM and is active in the following committees: AUTM Finance Committee, AUTM Successful Practices in Small Technology Transfer Offices and offers support for compliance to AUTM members.

Before joining the University of Kentucky (UK) Intellectual Property Department in February 2010 as an intellectual property administrator, Sabrina worked for a UK startup company for eleven years as a business manager/financial analyst. While working full-time, she received her Associate of Arts in accounting and a Bachelor of Science in business administration from American Intercontinental University (AIU). 

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