UK-EKU Partnership

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The University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) are partners in an innovative research commercialization program related to the identification, assessment, and commercialization of discoveries at EKU. In this partnership, the OTC will act as an independently contracted partner and service provider to EKU for intellectual property and commercialization services. The services provided by the OTC to EKU include:

  • Assistance with EKU Intellectual Property development efforts, including assessing the potential value and patentability or copyrightable nature of invention disclosures
  • Assistance with EKU commercialization and intellectual property procurement transaction costs, including market research, patent prosecution, and docket management, identifying potential licensing partners, business development efforts to solicit interest in a partnership, and negotiating and executing license agreements in coordination with EKU
  • Development and/or offering of effective faculty education programs and strategies that UK uses to reach out to faculty and encourage invention disclosure and the pursuit of IP protection
  • Guidance to EKU on intellectual property and commercialization matters, including related to what UK does with non-patentable IP, particularly software
  • Help in building a stronger EKU network by implementing process and procedures
  • Solidification of a commercialization partnership that can help build a "research corridor" for collaborative research efforts between UK and EKU 

EKU Inventors can download, complete and submit the EKU-UK OTC Invention Report form to start the process.