Proteomics Core Rates

The following service rates are effective July 1, 2017. 

Service UK Investigators Non-UK Investigators
Enzymatic digestion: 1-10 samples. Cost for each. $106.00 $162.18
Enzymatic digestion: more than 10 samples submitted at one time. Cost for each. $59.00 $84.75
Orbitrap ESI-MS: with or without LC separation peptides, the Orbitrap offers sensitive, accurate mass measurements $175.00 $267.75
Direct Infusion: Electrospray mass measurement without LC separation $45.00 $68.85
Bioanalytical Quantification: the Triple Quad can be used in SRM mode to quantify metabolites, and others $207.00 $297.00
Tech Support: per hour. $89.00 $126.00