Diabetes and Obesity

Nearly 600,000 Kentuckians have diabetes. We are examining the inflammation associated with obesity that causes the development of type 2 diabetes. We are working on turning the kind of fat associated with bad health to fat that can help you. And our project “Faith Moves Mountains” in communities all across Eastern Kentucky is supporting prevention and self-management of diabetes. 

We strive to use Priority Area resources that will reinforce and grow current strengths that support our mission, facilitate growth into emerging areas, and respond to needs of our research community.



Local Relevance

  • Kentucky ranks 5th in diabetes and 7th in obesity

Existing Areas of Strength

  • By External Funding 
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  • By Research Scholarship (SciVal by Elsevier, 2012-2018)
    • 2,709 articles, books and other publications
    • 38,383 citations
    • 14.2 citations/publication
    • 1.80 field-weighted citations
    • 52% of publications in top-tier journals

Research Sustainability

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Disciplinary Research Diversity

  • 14 patents
  • approximately 130 PIs leading diabetes- and obesity-related projects

current projects

Colleges, Centers & Departments Involved 



  • Pilot Projects

  • Equipment/other infrastructure

  • Faculty recruitment

  • Support staff to meet critical needs

  • Sponsored events that promote interaction and collaboration


How to Become a Member


Nada Porter, Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, nadap@uky.edu

Nancy Webb, Division Director, Nutritional Sciences, Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, nrwebb2@uky.edu

John Fowlkes, Center Director, Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center, jfowlk@uky.edu