The Energy Research Prioritization Partnership will enhance the energy research strengths of the university, centered in the Center for Applied Energy Research, through support for a diverse cohort of new faculty and staff working within the energy space. The Partnership will extend UK’s current strengths through targeted, collaborative hires and support of associated faculty and staff. The focus: provide start-up funds in partnership with departments, colleges and centers for 7 or 8 new faculty and staff hires in targeted areas; and support hires through seed grants, inclusion on multi-PI grants, and mentoring with $250,000 matched by departments, colleges, and centers.



Local Relevance

  • Kentucky is the 5th largest coal producer in the nation and has the 2nd largest number of operating U.S. coal mines. 

Existing Areas of Strength

  • By External Funding 
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  • By Research Scholarship (SciVal by Elsevier, 2012-2018)
    • 4,268 articles, books and other publications
    • 47,518 citations
    • 11.1 citations/publication
    • 1.65 field-weighted citations
    • 48% of publications in top-tier journals

Research Sustainability

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Disciplinary Research Diversity

  • 27 patents
  • approximately 137 PIs leading energy-related projects

current projects

Colleges, Centers & Departments Involved 


Opportunities/Areas for Recruitment

  • Devices for energy harvesting and storage

  • Advanced materials for energy applications

  • Biomass conversion: lignin valorization, mycology

  • Energy storage: batteries, flow batteries, supercapacitors

  • Energy harvesting: waste heat, photovoltaic, piezoelectric

  • Subsurface fluid flow: model and monitor injected fluids

  • 3D subsurface/reservoir geostatistical modeling


How to Become a Member


Rodney Andrews, Associate Vice President for Research Development & Director of the Center for Applied Energy Research,