Annual Reviews in Cayuse AO

With the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act, the USDA no longer requires Annual Review of IACUC protocols, aligning with NIH/PHS Policy. 

The University of Kentucky IACUC is pleased to announce that Annual Protocol Reviews are no longer required. PIs will no longer submit information for annual review and approval in the Cayuse system. The OAV-IACUC office will continue to check training and UHS clearance on a yearly basis and reach out to individuals who need to complete/renew these items. PIs who previously reported animal numbers via the progress report will also be contacted to collect this information (e.g. Agriculture, Biology, Wildlife, Core protocols). As a final note, please report any unanticipated adverse events and noncompliances directly to your clinical veterinarian (DLAR) or the Attending Veterinarian. This update does not affect three-year de novo reviews. IACUCs are still required to conduct a complete review of animal activities every 3 years. Any changes to approved protocol activities must be submitted as an amendment.