ESIRIUS3G Becomes Cayuse Animal Oversight

eSirius3G™ (NTM) was purchased by Cayuse which necessitates a move to the cloud. The IACUC application management software will no longer be provided by eSirius3G™. Cayuse has purchased the application and will be moving to the Cayuse cloud platform. We hope to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. Eventually this will enable current eSirius3g researchers to integrate research information with other Cayuse products (such as that provided by OSPA) and improve data analytics.

The move to the cloud will require 5 –7 days of downtime to allow Cayuse to move, deploy and test the production site. Due to some issues with “Single Sign On” and conversion issues we have made the decision to push our “go-live” date out to early June. As we get closer to the go-live date we will send emails and notices to our users with the exact date of our downtime. The OAV-IACUC and DLAR staff are working diligently to make this move as seamless as possible. In the future eSirius3G™ will be referred to as “Cayuse Animal Oversight.”

There will be a few screen display changes throughout the system, but the applications will function the same. The login page and home page will have a fresh look. Some changes will include:

  1. A new Cayuse login page
  2. A new Cayuse Animal Oversight home page

The Cayuse cloud platform brings great capabilities including central administration, connected Cayuse suite of apps with cross app workflows, additional integration capabilities leveraging the value of existing systems, and enhanced reporting. We appreciate your patience while we make this important transition.