"Students in Research" introduction course for Human Subjects Protection

The new Fall semester is around the corner! Which Human Subject Protection Training course should be in your curriculum?

If your students are NOT serving as study personnel on an IRB protocol, the "Students in Research" course is the perfect introduction to Human Subjects Protection.

This is an abbreviated course available under the Optional Courses menu on UK’s CITI subscription.

The course provides an introduction to human research protections and describes what students can expect when asked to participate as a research subject.

This course DOES NOT meet the IRB training mandate for any type of research submitted to the IRB.

Faculty may use the course as a classroom assignment although it will not qualify a student to serve as study personnel for any research reviewed by the UK IRB.


My students don't have CITI accounts. Are there instructions?

ORI has an FAQ that will walk your students through the steps of creating a new account. (Question 2)

How do my students enroll in the "Students in Research" course?

We have an FAQ for that as well!! ORI has provided step by step instructions on how to enroll in the course once they have a UK CITI account.