SUPRA Super Students Grant

The purpose of this funding pilot mechanism is to provide resources to outstanding pairs of undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a collaborative research project from a basic science, clinical, or community research perspective with guidance from a faculty advisor. The intent of this pilot funding is two-fold: 1) to offer high-impact learning experiences focused on substance use research for promising undergraduate students interested in pursuing an advanced degree, and 2) to provide valuable mentoring opportunities for graduate students. A faculty advisor is required for oversight, but the pair of undergraduate and graduate students must both have active research roles. Applications should align with SUPRA’s mission to prevent and reduce the burdens of substance use disorders through conducting innovative basic and translational,  transdisciplinary research to inform clinical services, public health practice, and policy. Awardees are required to submit an abstract and present a poster at the next SUPRA Research Day. 

Eligibility is limited to full-time undergraduate students and graduate students enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Kentucky. Both students in the pair must remain enrolled at UK through the completion of the award period, which is May 2020 through May 2021. Applications involving more than one undergraduate and/or more than one graduate student are not allowed.

A maximum of $6,000 for the undergraduate/graduate pair will be awarded for a period of 12 months. The funding is to be shared between the undergraduate/graduate pair based on their judgement of research needs and must be used within the one year period. Summer stipends are allowable expenses, but are capped at $400 per week. An additional $500 will be offered to the faculty advisor for research support.  

Applications are due March 4, 2020. Reviewers may request additional information. Submit application as a single (1) PDF file to Michelle Hunt ( Please name the file with the undergraduate student’s last name, underscore, graduate student’s last name, underscore, faculty advisor’s last name, underscore, Student2020 (e.g., Smith_Jones_ Walsh_Student2020). Applications must include:

  • SUPRA Super Student Grant Cover Page
  • Faculty advisor is required to submit:
    • Letter of support (1 page)
    • NIH or NSF-style biosketch (5 page)
  • Undergraduate student is required  to submit:
    • Personal essay (300 word limit) describing how the research project aligns with future career aspirations.  
    • Unofficial transcript.
    • CV or resume (2 page)
  • Graduate student is required to submit:
    • Personal essay (300 word limit) describing your mentoring philosophy, mentoring experience, and how you will mentor the undergraduate student on this project.
    • Unofficial transcript.
    • CV or resume (2 page)
  • Budget/justification (1 page)
    • Proposal submission through OSPA is not required.
    • Include specific justifications for expenses.
    • Undergraduate and/or graduate student summer stipends are allowed with a maximum $400 per week (e.g., may budget $200 per week for an undergraduate student stipend and $200 per week for a graduate student stipend)
  • Research plan (2 pages)
    • The research plan should include a clear description of the proposed research project that has been developed collaboratively by both students. The research plan should provide an overview of what is being determined, why this research is important, how the research will be conducted, and what the final research deliverables will be. In addition, both the undergraduate student and graduate student’s roles in the project must be clearly delineated. It is suggested that the research plan use the following headings:
      • Significance and Research Questions
      • Methodology
      • Potential Outcomes & Limitations
      • Deliverables & Future Research (e.g., presentations, publications, future grant applications, award applications, etc.).
    • The research plan should be single-spaced, 1 inch margins, 11-point font or larger.   
  • Timeline (1/2 page)
    • Include a timeline with milestones for accomplishments described in the research plan.  The timeline should span summer 2020 through the end of the spring semester of 2021
  • References (2 page limit)

If you have any questions about the application process, please reach out to Michelle Hunt (