Student Poster Contest

For eight years, the Sustainability Forum at UK has celebrated the accomplishments of UK faculty and students who conduct interdisciplinary research and other forms of scholarship relating to environmental and sustainability issues. The recipients of the most recent student poster contest are pictured.

 Graduate Student Category ($300 Prize)
1.) Adam Baker, Building a Better Monarch Waystation, (pictured top left).
2.) Izabela Gomes & Yaziri Gonzalez, Supporting Food Production through Extension in an Amish Community and Educating New Agricultural Professionals in Kentucky, (pictured bottom right).
3.) William Bond, The Forestry Reclamation Approach: Measuring Sediment Mass Accumulation Rates in Reclaimed Mine Lands and Naturally Regenerated Logged Forests in Eastern Kentucky, (not shown).

Undergraduate Student Category ($200 Prize)
1.)David Toda, Joseph Browning, Justin Bambach and Griffin Johnson, Livable Lex: Sustainably Planning Lexington's Future, (pictured bottom left).
2.) Nicole Funk, No P On My Lawn!: An Educational Program to Reduce P in Stormwater, (pictured top right).