University of Kentucky Research

ASTeCC Graduate Companies

3H Company (December 2011)
Coldstream Research Campus
Based on the research of Liang Hu
Specializes in research and development of clean coal technologies, with emphasis on CO2 capture technologies. Current partners include Nexant Inc., Bechtel Power Corporation, Western Kentucky University and Sask Power.

Acelagen, INC (January 2002)
1601 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, KY 40503-1470 / 859.278.3226
Based on the research of Colin Wilson / pharmacy
Develops technology for high-throughput production of a range of DNA products for the biomedical research industry and provides molecular biology support for academic and commercial biomedical research laboratories.

Adaptive Intelligent Systems, LLC (January 2010)
Coldstream Research Campus / 859.537.9871
Based on the research of Yuming Zhang / electrical engineering
Founded in 2005, the company develops cutting edge welding technology including a modified GMAW process that reduces heat input and improves throughput, and a state-of-the-art pipe welding system which allows welders with minimum skills to produce quality welds.

Affinity Labeling Technologies, INC (January 2000)
235 Bolivar Street, Lexington, KY 40508-2931 / 859.388.9445
Based on the research of Boyd Haley / chemistry
Founded in 1998, the company develops nucleotide photoaffinity probes — radioactive compounds used in research and diagnosis of periodontal disease. When exposed to ultraviolet light, these photoprobes bind to the protein, allowing it to be tagged for identification.

Affitech Laboratories, INC (January 2002)
3332 Pastern Court, Lexington, KY 40513-1004
Based on the research of Hsin-Hsiung "Dan" Tai / pharmacy
Focuses on isolation of biologically active peptides, hormones and enzymes from E. coli and other microorganisms, and development of enzyme immunoassays for these substances. Provides technology to other pharmaceutical companies for in-house use or for further commercialization.

AllTranz, LLC (February 2009)
2277 Thunderstick Drive, Lexington, KY 40505
Based on the research of Audra Stinchomb / pharmacy
Developing the next generation of pain management products that deliver medication transdermally through patches and gels with reduced side effects and improved efficacy and patient compliance.

Allylix, LLC (Moved to Coldstream Research Campus June 2007, to Thunderstick Dr. June 2013)
2277 Thunderstick Drive Suite 300 Lexington, KY 40505 / 859.523.2557
Allylix is combining leading edge research in molecular genetics, biochemistry and structural biology from the University of Kentucky and The Salk Institute for Biological Studies to produce natural products called terpenes for the flavor & fragrance and insect repellent markets. Using its extensive intellectual property, Allylix can create diverse collections of fine chemicals, especially chiral chemicals, rapidly generating molecules that possess the properties of natural products, as well as scale up production of high-value single entity compounds.

Biological Prospects, LLC (July 2017)
Patrick Lawless, 859.721.1412,
Biological Prospects LLC develops and manufactures therapeutic natural products for the human and animal health markets. The company has commercialized a proprietary resveratrol product (Resverasyn®) with enhanced bioavailability and stability and which is free of the impurities present in natural sources of resveratrol. Biological Prospects currently is engaged in the research and development of plant-derived natural compounds with immunomodulatory, antimicrobial and anti-diabetic activities.  The resulting technology will form the basis of the company’s second generation of innovative natural products with applications in a diverse array of industries.

Bio-Products International Corporation (April 1998)
235 Bolivar Street, Lexington, KY 40508-2931
Based on the research of Boyd Haley / chemistry
Founded in 1994, the company develops nucleotide photoaffinity analogs for use as research tools for identifying proteins and in studying DNA/RNA binding proteins at the molecular level. Merged into Affinity Labeling Technologies.

CarboLex, LLC (July 2002)

Carbon Solutions, INC (December 2000)
5094 Victoria Hill Drive, Riverside, CA 92506-1450 / 909.787.2044
Based on the research of Robert Haddon / formerly chemistry
Produces chemically modified materials based on carbon nanotube technology, including chemically modified single-wall nanotubes that are soluble in organic solvents.

Cardiojustable, LLC (August 2004)
2260 Carolina Lane, Lexington, KY 40513-1827 / 859.323.6494
Based on the research of William Douglas / surgery
Cardiojustable develops specialized cardiovascular devices for pediatric cardiac surgery. Cardiojustable is currently developing the first-ever adjustable vascular graft for control of pulmonary blood flow for infants with single ventricle physiology.

CellSignals, INC (June 2002)
1275 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212-1155 / 614.340.1845
Based on the research of Melissa Shieh
Develops pharmaceuticals by investigating biochemical agents that have the potential to promote hemostasis and stop bleeding in trauma victims.

Coldstream Digital, LLC

CoPlex Therapeutics, LLC (December 2011)
John Beran, CEO & Co-founder
Based on research by founding scientists Mark Lovell and Bert Lynn / chemistry  and the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging
R&D to provide neuroprotection from dementia caused by a unique protein complex that accumulates in the central nervous system and begins the cascade effect that leads to dementia including Alzheimer's. CoPlex was founded in 2008.

CustomKYnetics, INC (February 2003)
Eric Hartman
385 Crossfield Drive, Versailles, KY 40383 / 859.879.3718
customKYnetics, Inc. focuses on development of rehabilitation engineering products that utilize neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). Their products are intended for use by individuals undergoing orthopedic rehabilitation or those with neuromotor disorders secondary to spinal cord injury or stroke.

DeNovo, INC (December 1998)
3233 Raven Circle, Lexington, KY 40502-3305 / 859.257.1718
Based on the research of Peter Crooks / pharmacy 
Founded in 1997, the company develops promising therapeutic agents and brings them to a stage where their safety and efficacy can be assessed.

Dr. Sybille Muller, 859.533.7287
DermVantage is developing transfollicular delivery of biological agents for the cosmetic and medical industries. The company is exploring using its technology to treat hyperhidrosis and cancer.

DSP Techniques, INC (January 2003)
Based upon the research of Bruce Walcott and Ernest Seagraves / engineering
Commercializes digital signal processing (DSP) technologies, including re-configurable DSP architectures and nonlinear signal modeling and fingerprinting.

Emagin Therapeutics (August 2009)
Based on the research of Joe Holtman MD / anethesiology & pain management, and Peter Crooks / pharmaceutical sciences 
Develops new and improved drug entities to treat acute, chronic and cancer-related pain and delivery systems for pain management.

Enzymax, LLC (September 2006)
870 Corporate Drive, Suite 201, Lexington, KY 40503 / 859.219.8482
Provides various molecular and biochemical services, purified tool enzymes and proteins, and a wide variety of purified specialty enzymes and proteins for biological/biomedical research needs.

Equine Biodiagnostic Solutions, LLC, formerly IDEXX Veterinary Services, INC, originally Equine Biodiagnostics, INC (October 1999)
Coldstream Research Campus
1501 Bull Lea Road, Suite 104, Lexington, KY 40511 / 859.288.5255
Equine Diagnostic Solutions, LLC (EDS) is an equine specialty testing laboratory. The primary focus is molecular and serologic testing for medically and economically significant equine infectious diseases including EPM, strangles, salmonellosis, Rhodococcus pneumonia, equine herpesvirus  and equine influenza infections.

GenApps, INC (October 1999)

Hera Bio, INC (April 2017)

Intranasal Technology, INC (January 2002)

K&K Biosciences, INC (March 1998)
2504 Century Lane, Chadds Ford, PA 19317-8960 / 610.399.8625
Based on the research of P.K. Kadaba / pharmacy
Founded in 1996, the company develops drugs for various neurological or brain disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.

KY Space Program

LevTech, INC (Moved to Coldstream Research Campus October 2004)

The Lexington Carbon Company, LLC (October 1999)
11302 Strang Line Rd., Lenexa, KS, 66215-4041 / 913.317.4100
Based on the research of the late Frank Derbyshire and Marit Jagtoyen and Geoff Kimber / Center for Applied Energy Research
Develops specialty carbon materials for gas and liquid separation, energy conversion systems, environmental processing of gas and liquid streams, military and industrial protective filters, and medicine, food and beverage processing. The predecessor-in-interest company was founded in 1994 by Frank Derbyshire and Don Challman.

Lumenware, LLC (February 2007)

M2 Technologies, INC (Moved to Coldstream Research Campus January 2007)

Mimetic Solutions, LLC

NanoMed Pharmaceuticals®, INC(October 2007)
7107 Elm Valley Drive, Room B1210, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009 / 269.488.8525
NanoMed Pharmaceuticals® is an early-stage specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing improved therapeutic and diagnostic products to treat or detect cancer and other serious diseases. The company's core technology, Nanotemplate Engineering, is a nanoparticle manufacturing technology used to formulate small molecules, peptides, proteins, plasmid DNA, and diagnostic agents. NanoMed was founded in 2000 by Russell J. Mumper and Michael Jay.

Neatherly Diagnostics

NeoCytex Biopharma, INC

New Ace Research Company (November 2001)
P.O. Box 273, Versailles, KY, 40383-0273 / 859.873.4739
Based on the research of David Granstrom and Tom Tobin / Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center
Develops new technologies and treatments for use in various human and animal diseases.

New Millennium Pharmaceutical Research, INC (June 2000)
4999 Hartland Parkway, Lexington, KY 40515-1121 / 859.272.8684
Based on the research of Anwar Hussain and Lewis Dittert / pharmacy
Develops nasal-delivery systems for selected medication, including an innovative drug to ease nausea in chemotherapy patients.

Niadyne, INC (October 2000)
2509 North Campbell Avenue #138 Tucson, AZ 85719-3362 / 520.250.7532
Based on the research of Elaine Jacobson / allied health professions, and Mike Jacobson / pharmacy
Develops topical products designed to enhance skin health and appearance through the prevention and repair of cellular damage.

Outrider Technologies, LLC (June 2011)
John Beran, CEO
Based on the research of John Anthony / chemistry
Outrider Technologies was co-founded by John Anthony and John Beran in 2005 and specializes in soluble organic acene-based semiconductors. These organic electronic materials have proven useful in low-end high-volume switching applications, as well as photovoltaic applications, and offer large economic advantages associated with manufacturing, while also combating long-term device stability issues.

ParaTechs Corporation (October 2010)
1122 Oak Hill Drive, Lexington, KY
Based on the research of Bruce Webb / entomology 
Formed in 2004, the company applies advances in insect molecular biology to identify genes and proteins from insect parasites and pathogens that can be used for insect control and natural product development. Also markets novel products that enable discovery and development in biotechnology.

Phoenix Pharmacologics, INC (July 2002)
1517 Nicholasville Road (Suite 402) Lexington, KY 40503-1429 / 859.277.8890
Based on the research of Mike Clark and inventions from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in San Diego, CA
Develops novel biological anti-cancer drug; four drugs that treat eight types of cancer are in clinical development.

Prescient Medical, INC (June 2005)

Pryog, LLC

Purelight Labs, LLC

Quanteon, LLC (November 2005)

RnaNano, LLC

Scout Diagnostics, LLC (May 2013)
Based on research by founding scientists Mark Lovell and Bert Lynn / chemistry and the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging
Scout Diagnostics was founded in 2006 to develop and market a new early diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease. The testing kit will identify certain protein complexes in cerebral spinal fluid which serve as biomarkers to detect Alzheimer's prior to clinical diagnosis. In addition to their faculty appointments in the chemistry department, co-founder Mark Lovell is affiliated with the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging and has a joint appointment in the College of Medicine and Bert Lynn is the director of the UK Mass Spectrometry Center.

Seikowave, INC
Based on research by Daniel Lau / Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments 
Matt Bellis
Seikowave is developing three dimensional imaging technologies targeted at medical, security and industrial imaging applications. Seikowave's patent-pending optical architectures combined with Daniel Lau's (UK Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments) patent-pending machine vision algorithms enable high performance, low cost 3D imaging solutions capable of capturing human motion in real time. Seikowave, with offices in the U.S. and Japan, is working with global healthcare, security and semiconductor companies to bring these imaging solutions to market.

SenTech Corporation (July 2001)
430 Bailey Lane, Boalsburg, PA 16827-1315 / 814.466.8751
Based on the research of Craig Grimes / electrical engineering
Develops miniature sensors to measure temperature, pressure, viscosity, surface tension, humidity and glucose concentrations.

Spectral Research (March 2002)
1748 Brook Park Drive Lexington, KY 40515-1309 / 859.272.5082
Based on the work of Michael F. Shaw / Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Develops optical imaging equipment for use in minimally invasive surgery, including a 3-D imaging system to achieve real time improvements in surgical vision.

Synergetic Technologies, INC

TIgen Pharmaceuticals, INC (November 1999)
235 Bolivar Street, Lexington, KY 40508-2931 / 859.388.9444
Based on the research of the late Thomas Burke / pharmacy 
Founded in 1998, the company focuses on Topoisomerase Inhibition (TI), for the selective delivery of drugs to target tissues.

Therix Medical, INC

Topasol, LLC (Moved to Coldstream Research Campus September 2008)
Based on the research of Uschi Graham / Center for Applied Energy Research
Topasol is a nanotechnology-based company that focuses on multifunctional coatings for aerospace and solar industries. Smart coating systems are designed with additional properties such as anticorrosion, antibacterial/antiviral and sensor capabilities, including prognostics for aerospace systems. One nanocoating provides a special mechanism that recognizes external force and allows the detection of impact and/or thermal damage on aircraft structural composite components.

TrackFive Diagnostics, INC (November 2011)
Based on research by Penni Black / pharmaceutical sciences
Developing genomic-based personalized medical tests to predict patient response to targeted cancer treatments to improve cancer care and reduce health care costs.

Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, INC
Eric Ostertag
Transposagen is the worldwide leader in the creation of unique genetically modified rat models. The company's signature product, TKOTM Knockout Rat Models, mimic human diseases and are used for drug discovery and development research. The production of animal models is a $1.2 billion a year market.

Triboflow Separations, LLC (August 2009)
2324 Lilac Park, Lexington, KY 40509 / 859.523.8782
Based on the research of John Stencel / Center for Applied Energy Research
Developing an innovative technique and sensors to detect in real time the metabolic activity of microbes and cells and their susceptibility to either drug treatments or viral infections.

Venture Laboratories, INC (May 2003)

Yaupon Therapeutics, INC (June 2010)
Based on the research of Peter Crooks and Linda Dwoskin / pharmacy
Privately held specialty pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics for cancer and central nervous system diseases.