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Garvey E-Day Staton-Tindall Weisenberger Mays
En-Gedi Scroll
Aaron Garvey in UK's Gatton College of Business and Economics turned his natural curiosity into a research career focused on consumer behavior.
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VPR Workshops

VPR Workshops: Grant Writing and Infrastructure Changes

The Office of the Vice President for Research is hosting a series of workshops designed to help faculty accelerate their research activities and to update the research community on changes in the research infrastructure to facilitate the strategic plan implementation. For more workshops, see the Research Support Guide.

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Tomatoes and Temporality

Schmid Wins National Prize for Research Paper

UK graduate student in anthropology, Mary Elizabeth Schmid, won the Eric R. Wolf Prize from the Society for the Anthropology of Work for her paper "Tomatoes and Temporality: Political Economies of Time in the Fresh-Market Tomato Industry in the Southeastern U.S."

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UK Researchers Report Connection Between Intimate Partner Violence and Barriers to Cancer Recovery

UK researchers in the College of Medicine, College of Public Health and Center for Research on Violence Against Women found intimate partner violence resulted in a poorer quality of life for women battling cancer.

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Neurology Resident's Study, Published in Stroke, Proposes Change to FAST Mnemonic for Stroke

Research by fourth year neurology resident Sushanth Aroor, recently published in Stroke, found that adding balance and vision problems to the current list of warning signs for stroke (Face, Arms, Smile and Time -- or FAST) reduced the number of missed strokes from about 14 percent to just about 4 percent.

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