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MosquitoMate Mattacola RB2 Greenhouse17 Benner
MosquitoMate, a UK startup, is expanding operations to meet demands of mosquito-borne disease and pest control.
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CO2 Catalyst

UK Chemistry Researchers Develop Catalyst that Mimics the Z-Scheme of Photosynthesis

Published in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, the study demonstrates a process with great potential for developing technologies for reducing CO2 levels. The study was a joint effort between UK and the Institute of Physics Research of Mar del Plata in Argentina.

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Kip Guy's lab

Blocking Cancer—Scientists Find New Way to Combat Disease

A compound developed by Dean Kip Guy’s lab of UK College of Pharmacy, with research that began at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, now shows promise for blocking cancer-causing proteins on a cellular level.

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UK Ph.D. Student Chosen for Highly Competitive Summer School on Adolescence Research

A University of Kentucky graduate student, Albert Ksinan, is among a select group of eight people across the U.S. chosen for a prestigious overseas summer school program. The EADP EARA SRA Summer School program focuses on research on adolescence.

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UK Research Reveals Way to Improve Nitrogen Production in Legumes

Another research discovery at UK could have far-reaching implications for agriculture. Hongyan Zhu and his team of researchers have found two antimicrobial peptides in the legume Medicago truncatula that impacts nitrogen fixation.

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