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Clay County students
Fourth and fifth grade students got a glimpse of college life and what it's like to work as a scientist. Video » | Press Release »
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Federal Uniform Guidance

The federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has made a major change to the underlying guidance by which university recipients of federal awards have operated for decades.

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UK Research Reveals Potential Environmental Harm of Nanomaterials

A team of international researchers, led by scientists, have found that these tiny metal-containing particles may be more toxic to plants and microorganisms than other forms of metals. Their findings were presented in two papers recently published in the academic journal Environmental Science and Technology.

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Community Partners Receive Funding for Health Outreach Projects in Four Appalachian Counties

Tthe CCTS Community Engagement and Research program builds partnerships between lay, practice, and academic communities in order to identify and address priority health needs of Appalachian populations in Kentucky.

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Gill Heart Institute Researcher Explores Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Attack Patients

Regenerative medicine offers great promise in the development of medical treatments for a wide range of conditions — including heart attacks. A clinical trial at Gill Heart Institute that is looking into the possibility that stem cell therapy can repair damaged heart tissue after a recent heart attack.

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