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Graham UK-CARES Gentry SMRI Firey
Kenneth Graham, assistant professor of chemistry, was awarded a $750,000 CAREER Award from the Department of Energy.
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Undergrad Research

Research Enhances Traditional Undergraduate Education

The University of Kentucky is committed to the advancement of knowledge through research, and its undergraduate students contribute significantly to that mission. In turn, undergraduates in any field of study can learn critical thinking, independence and intellectual maturity, while developing valuable mentor relationships with faculty.

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John Hoben

Discovery of Process to Harness Energy Could Affect Synthetic Biology, Fuel, Chemical Production

UK researchers participating in a DOE funded multi-institutional center (BETCy Energy Frontier Research Center) have discovered a groundbreaking process that allows them to harness energy from chemical reactions that previously would have been dismissed as unusable.

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Bert Guillou

Guillou Awarded National Science Foundation Grant

Assistant Professor Bert Guillou in the Department of Mathematics has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant for his research in homotopy theory. The grant is just shy of $140,000 and will be spread over three years.

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protein folding

Yinan Wei Receives National Science Foundation Award

Yinan Wei, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Kentucky, has received an award to study membrane protein interactions in bilayers. The award is supported by the Chemistry of Life Processes Program in the Chemistry Division of NSF. This project also integrates an outreach program for girls 12-18 at the Hope Hill Youth Service, introducing science and science careers.

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