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Made in Kentucky
"Made in Kentucky," a one hour documentary, explores issues Kentucky faces in energy and economics. Video » | Press Release »
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Federal Uniform Guidance

The federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has made a major change to the underlying guidance by which university recipients of federal awards have operated for decades.

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UK's CBER Shows Impact of Education on the Economy

What does education have to do with the economy? Plenty, according to a new research poster published by UK's Center for Business and Economic Research.

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Ishi Aron

High School Senior Gains Valuable Experience in Lab Work on Stroke Treatment

A Fayette County high school student has been named a finalist for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for her work in a UK lab run by Dr. Greg Bix and Dr. Justin Fraser.

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texting while driving

Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center Exposes Surprising Facts about Distracted Driving

April is the National Safety Council's Distracted Driver Awareness Month, and injury prevention experts are encouraging every driver to make a commitment to being distraction-free at the wheel.

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