Objective: Expand our scholarship, creative endeavors, and research across the full range of disciplines to focus on the most important challenges of the Commonwealth, our nation, and the world.

Continuing our commitment for the past 150 years, we will pursue multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary efforts that address challenges and disparities of our citizens and enrich their lives. Strategic support and investment will be directed toward scholarship that capitalizes on our strengths and emerging areas of growth.

Strategic Initiatives and Action Steps

Strategic Initiative 1

Invest in UK's existing strengths and areas of growth in selected focus areas that benefit and enrich the lives of the citizens of the Commonwealth and beyond

  • Action Step 1: Systematically identify UK's existing and emerging areas of strength in research and creative endeavors that are national and internationally competitive, and strategically allocate central resources to support them.
  • Action Step 2: Provide pilot project funds to support growth of interdisciplinary projects that cross traditional boundaries.
  • Action Step 3: Provide recurring funds to support grant programs for research, scholarship, and creative works in areas of excellence that are not traditionally amenable to external funding. 
  • Action Step 4: Leverage problem-oriented centers and institutes as focal points for interdisciplinary research teams in areas of strength and growth. 
  • Action Step 5: Strengthen connections between the research mission and graduate and undergraduate research by engaging in joint planning with faculty, the Provost's office, and UK's Graduate School

Strategic Initiative 2

Recruit and retain outstanding faculty, staff and students who support our research and scholarship across the range of disciplines at the University.

  • Action Step 1: Recruit and retain additional world-class scholars and research teams (including staff and students) to support identified areas of existing and growth strengths.
  • Action Step 2: Create new endowed faculty chairs, professorships, and fellowships to recruit and retain meritorious faculty, to enable competitive faculty, and to promote diversity among the faculty in all areas of research and scholarship.
  • Action Step 3: Establish new awards, develop new incentive programs, and facilitate mentorship programs at the college, center, and University levels to foster and reward excellence and innovation in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. 

Strategic Initiative 3

Improve the quality of the research infrastructure across campus.

  • Action Step 1: Augment and increase access to the systems that support excellence in research and creative endeavors.
  • Action Step 2: Implement a plan for more efficient use of space that considers performance metrics in space allocation.
  • Action Step 3: Provide state-of-the-art core support facilities and high-end equipment, and improve current research space to enhance research capabilities. 
  • Action Step 4: Pursue gifts and endowments in support of the research mission.

Strategic Initiative 4

Strengthen engagement efforts and translation of research and creative work for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the nation, and the world. 

  • Action Step 1: Promote the development of innovation, intellectual property, and technology transfer by encouraging and supporting the broader participation in intellectual property development across the UK community.
  • Action Step 2: Intensify engagement efforts to translate findings from our research to the community, and increase community participation in research and creative work.
Metric Definition Current
Total R&D Expenditures (NSF High Education R&D Survey) Total Research Expenditures $378.4M 2017
Federal Research Expenditures $171.3M 2017
Research Impact Proportion of publications cited in top 50% of discipline 54.8% 2018
Space R&D Expenditures ($/Square Foot) $209 2017
Licenses Exclusive Licenses 130 2018
License Income $2.4M 2018