What we do

The Office of Research Information Services exists to support the computing, networking, and communications infrastructure as well as maintain the technology budget for the areas under the Vice President for Research. The IS staff provides applications programming, database and Web services, server and desktop support, and troubleshooting to the Research staff, the Graduate School, and the Office of Commercialization and Economic Development.

Research Information Services

RIS Support for Units under the VPR


  • Computer Specification
    • RIS will provide a recommendation for appropriate specification of needed computers based on parameters provided by the requester and in compliance with University standards and budgetary requirements. 
  • Computer Orders
    • RIS will place all orders for supported computers on behalf of supported users and departments. RIS assumes responsibility for billing to appropriate accounts.
  • Computer Setup
    • RIS will configure new computers, install all required security and functional updates, load any specially requested or required software, and perform other tasks necessary to provide desired PC functionality.
  • Disconnection/Connection of Computers
    • ​​​​​​​In situations where departments or individuals are moving computers or other RIS-supported devices, RIS will disconnect and connect those devices to ensure that they are undamaged and functioning properly.
    • Disconnection/connection of computers requires three (3) day notice and will be performed at the agreed scheduled time.
    • RIS does not physically move computers; computers should be moved in accordance with department plans for moving any other office equipment.
  • Surplus
    • ​​​​​​​RIS will provide all coordination and preparation for surplusing of computing equipment, including "wiping" relevant media of any data in accordance with University standards.
    • Equipment to be surplused can be delivered to RIS offices in Bowman Hall. Alternatively, RIS will retrieve equipment to be surplused when time permits or by specific agreement.
    • Equipment will be transferred to the surplus office as time permits. Any surplus requests received by October 1 will be completed prior to November 1 in preparation for the annual equipment inventory.
  • Loaner Laptops/Tablets
    • ​​​​​​​RIS will provide a pool of computers for use when staff are traveling, or in other circumstances where a laptop or tablet device is needed on a short-term basis. Pool computers will have only basic productivity software installed. Users are required to specify the duration of the loan when they make a request.


Software Services available through RIS

  • Software Orders
    • RIS will place all orders for software on behalf of supported users and departments. Software for use on University computers should be in support of work-related activities. RIS assumes responsibility for billing to appropriate accounts.
  • Software Installs
    • RIS will install requested work-related software which complies with security and licensing requirements of the University. RIS requires that all software be installed by RIS unless specific other arrangements are approved in advance.
  • Available Software Licenses
    • RIS makes the following software and licenses available to units under the VPR. These are not available through campus ITS. 
      • Tableau
      • Crystal Reports
      • Beyond Compare
      • Snag-It
      • Parallels Desktop for Mac
      • InfoMaker
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
    • RIS will provide Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software to all supported computers. Scanning of such computers will be performed on the department's scheduled maintenance day.
  • Inventory and Tracking
    • ​​​​​​​RIS will track requested work software via the Software Inventory and Tracking database to ensure software licensing complies with security and licensing requirements of the University.​​​​​​​

Software Available through Information Technology Services (ITS)

A variety of software is available for UK employees and students through Information Technology Services. Software includes:

  • Adobe Software
  • Microsoft Software
  • Statistical Software
  • MyVirtualDen
  • EndNote
  • Qualtrics
  • On the Hub
  • Cisco AnyConnect

More information and download instructions (a LinkBlue ID required) is available on the ITS Software Downloads page


  • What are Peripherals?
    • "Peripherals" are any devices that connect to a supported computer including, but not limited to, scanners/multi-function devices, display devices, input devices, external storage, label makers, etc.
  • Peripheral Orders
    • RIS will place all orders for peripherals on behalf of supported users and departments. RIS assumes responsibility for billing appropriate accounts.
  • Peripheral Installs
    • RIS will install peripherals to ensure security and functionality of computers and attached devices.
  • Surplus
    • Surplusing of peripheral computing equipment will be coordinated by RIS as per the guidelines in the Computer section above.

Networks & Hosting

  • Network Storage
    • RIS provides departmental and end-user storage within their server environment. End user storage is set at 5 GB per user. Additionally, each department has its own network storage folder.
    • Users must not store Outlook .pst files on the server. (Microsoft has stated on their support page that storage of .pst files on the network can corrupt and render said files inoperable.)
    • Users should also refrain from storing personal files, particularly audio and video files (e.g. mp3s), unless necessary for their job duties.
  • Server Hosting
    • RIS has a climate-controlled facility with appropriate power management for hosting servers as well as an ESX environment for hosting virtual servers. Dependent on individual circumstances subject to review and approval by RIS, servers can be hosted in this facility.
  • Website Hosting
    • RIS will provide the infrastructure, technology, and monitoring tools necessary to deliver website hosting. The scope of customer support does not include web page design or development.
    • RIS provides two alternatives for website hosting: IIS with .Net, and Drupal. These are shared environments, so customization is limited.

Printing & Scanning

  • RIS no longer provides printing devices and services. However, RIS will liaison with the University's Managed Printer Services provider to ensure supported PCs can print to those devices and, where available, that those devices can scan to RIS-supported PCs.
  • RIS will provide a print server to ensure easy and accurate distribution of print drivers to supported computers on the AD domain.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting
    • RIS will respond to all requests for troubleshooting standard computers in accordance with the priority schedule laid out in the RIS Service Contract. Troubleshooting includes any perceived errors, delays, other functionality, or productivity-limiting behaviors on the part of the supported equipment or software. Troubleshooting for non-standard computers will be provided based on urgency or impact.
  • Maintenance
    • RIS will provide maintenance of computers and software in accordance with the Maintenance Services section of the RIS Service Contract.
  • Mobile Smart Devices
    • RIS will provide assistance in configuring University e-mail or other official applications on personal mobile devices.
    • Setup and troubleshooting of personal mobile devices are provided as RIS resources permit.
    • Due to the many different devices, configurations, and customizations of personal devices, RIS accepts no liability for any damage or data loss when troubleshooting these devices.

Backup & Restores

RIS will provide backup of all data stored on Research shared network drives (e.g., I, J, K). RIS will provide backup of all production databases on the RIS production SQL Servers. RIS will restore data from the most recent, relevant backup as needed. The timeframe is limited to the previous 30 days for data to be restored. RIS does not provide individual workstation backups.

  • Servers (including shared network drives) are backed up daily with Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Databases: backups of production databases will be kept locally for 14 days; backups will be moved to Tivoli Storage Manager to be kept for 30 days.

Consultation & Liaison

  • Technical Consultation
    • RIS serves as a primary point of consultation on computing and other technical needs. Consultation may include software recommendations, tips, and guidelines for using standard University software such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat, peripheral recommendation or evaluation, options for technical training, as well as other requests.
    • Technical consultation will be provided on an "as needed" basis.
    • RIS will provide details on the extent and quality of any information or recommendations provided.
    • RIS will provide a timeframe for users to expect a response at the time of each request.
  • Liaison with UKITS or UKHCITS
    • RIS will act as liaison with either UK-ITS or UKHC-ITS in order to facilitate the completion of a service request with those entities. RIS cannot guarantee their response times but will maintain information related to RIS activities in Kaseya.

Create User Accounts

After submission of the Computer Access Form, RIS will provide the following for new users:

  • Assignment of necessary network groups
  • Creation of a departmental database account
  • Configuration of new user's computer device

Custom Application Development

  • Development Overview
    • RIS will provide assistance in identifying potential areas where new custom software may be able to improve research efficiencies and help in evaluating an implementation plan for such software whether it be modifying/configuring 3rd part software, developing the software in-house, or contracting a custom software outside developer. Any new software that will be maintained by RIS after initial development must meet RIS standards and use RIS-supported software tools. If accepted by RIS, 3rd party software must be bought with maintenance agreements to ensure 3rd party support after purchase. For reporting, RIS recommends that departments maintain ad hoc reporting capability in-house. RIS will recommend and support reporting tools and will help in answering questions/debugging reports.
    • Timelines for the implementation of new projects shall be negotiated separately per project.
    • Business owners must provide well-documented business rules necessary to develop the software and make personnel available to discuss/test new software.
    • Once a custom-developed software project is implemented, RIS will support the software through the existing ticketing system.
    • Major upgrades/enhancements to the software shall be considered new projects.
    • Unless otherwise agreed to, business owners of the software are responsible for documenting/maintaining business rules governing the use of the software and maintaining the data in the application in order for the application to work appropriately.
    • RIS will be responsible for documenting and providing technical assistance on how the software works.
  • Current Website Applications