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SMRI Gentry Firey En-Gedi Scroll CAER Fiber demonstration
SMRI focuses on injury prevention and performance optimization for athletes, the military and physically active people of all ages.
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Owensboro Health

UK, MIT Researchers Study Large-scale Energy Storage Battery

UK and MIT scientists will work together on a National Science Foundation grant to develop a new redox flow battery, which could result in large-scale energy storage. UK Chemistry professors, Susan Odom & John Anthony, UK CAER’s James Landon, and Fikile Brushett (MIT) will collaborate.

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Researchers Seek Others Investigating Radon

The UK team is searching for researchers who might be investigating geologic factors such as bedrock geology, surficial geology and geologic processes and their impact on carcinogen origin, transport and accumulation.

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Wine Grapes

UK Planning Limited Sales of Wines it Produces

UK provides research and education for the state's grape and wine industries, which includes making wine as part of the research process. The proceeds from the sales will fund future research to support the grape and wine industries in Kentucky. See the Thrive documentary.

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Owensboro Health

Owensboro Health Joins UK Markey Research Network

Owensboro Health is the latest health system to join the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center Research Network. With this new relationship, patients in Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana will have easier access to innovative clinical research studies.

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