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William "Brent" Seales applies his expertise in imaging to improving medicine and unwrapping antiquities.
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New Study Examines Use of Multiple Tobacco Products in College Students

A new study by University of Kentucky researchers found that roughly 15 percent of college students who had ever used tobacco currently use more than one tobacco product. Polytobacco use drives nicotine addiction and can prolong the use fo tobacco products, leading to acute and chronic negative health risks.

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Mammoth Cave

UK Archaeologists Protect and Restore Precious Artifacts Found in Mammoth Cave During Extensive Underground Renovations

Extensive renovations to the underground trails of Mammoth Cave by the National Park Service gave UK archaeologists George Crothers and Steve Ahler the perfect opportunity to collect, research, restore and preserve the cave system's precious historic and prehistoric artifacts.

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UK Dentistry Research Featured on Cover of Journal of Clinical Periodontology

UK College of Dentistry faculty from the Center for Oral Health Research and Division of Orthodontics published a study on periodontitis in conjunction with researchers from the University of Puerto Rico Caribbean Primate Research Center.

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Red Geyser

Supermassive Black Holes in 'Red Geyser' Galaxies Cause Galactic Warming

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries in galaxy evolution is being solved by UK's Renbin Yan and an international team of scientists. They uncovered a new class of galaxies, called "red geysers," with supermassive black hole winds so hot and energetic that stars can't form.

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