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Studts and Bush
For University of Kentucky Vice President for Research Lisa Cassis the drive to conduct meaningful research is personal.
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Federal Uniform Guidance

The federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has made a major change to the underlying guidance by which university recipients of federal awards have operated for decades.

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NASA Awards UK's Martin $500,000 for Orion Heat Shield Research

Alexandre Martin, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, will use the award to improve the software and thermal property models of the Orion spacecraft's heat shield.

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Fine Arts

College of Fine Arts: Shining a Spotlight on Creative Education, Performance and Research

College faculty has had great success with research in all areas from studies in ethnomusicology and art history to innovative new techniques in art, dance, music and theatre production.

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Study Finds Kentucky Ag Development Investments Good for Farmers

A new study shows a healthy return to agriculture and agribusiness results from investments made by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund.

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