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En-Gedi Scroll
Nika Larian at the Superfund Research Center is investigating how the microbiome is affected by our diet and exposure to toxins like PCBs.
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CDAR Researcher Studying Appalachian Cohort Seeks to Stem Opioids Abuse, Hepatitis C

Since 2004, epidemiologist Jennifer Havens has followed the simultaneous spread of opioid abuse and hepatitis C in Eastern Kentucky injection drug-using networks. Havens is expediting solutions to the opioid and hepatitis C crisis in Appalachia through evidence-based interventions and policy recommendations.

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lung cancer symposium

State Lung Cancer Experts Convened at UK for Symposium

Researchers and clinicians from the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center, the University of Louisville Brown Cancer Center and collaborating cancer programs from across the Commonwealth attended this year’s Kentucky Lung Cancer Symposium at UK’s William T. Young Library on Oct. 15.

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AF implant

New Implantable Device May Reduce Risk of Stroke for AF Patients

Dr. John Gurley, director of the Structural Heart Program at UK HealthCare's Gill Heart Institute discussed a new implantable device that may reduce the risk of strokes for atrial fibrillation patients in Sunday's Herald Leader.

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NER Tobacco

UK Study Finds a New Way that Tobacco Smoke Can Cause Cancer

A recent study led by University of Kentucky researchers illuminates a new way that tobacco smoke may promote the development of lung cancer: inhibiting a DNA repair process called nucleotide excision repair (NER).

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