COVID-19 Update University of Kentucky Spring 2022 COVID-19 Guidelines

On January 1, 2022, UK Research updated our FAQs to reflect Tier 4 UK HealthCare status impacting site monitor policies. In general, if you are conducting research that is NOT taking place at a UK HealthCare facility, you must follow institutional guidance in the Spring 2022 Guidebook. If you are conducting research at a UK HealthCare facility, you must follow UK HealthCare requirements. Send questions to

Wednesdays @ 12 PM Lunch & Learn

The Lunch & Learn series has concluded for Fall and will resume for the Spring 2022 semester, via zoom, on January 12, 2022. 

Got questions? FAQs: How to Interact with Research Support Offices

Identify Collaborators

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Foster Faculty Research Success

  • For Junior Faculty: Research Scholars Program (RSP)
    The Research Scholars Program (RSP) is a one-year, multi-component investment in the research success of junior faculty and their mentors. RSP integrates strategies from national, evidence-based programs with existing campus programs.
  • For Faculty Working Across Disciplines: Igniting Research Collaborations (IRC)
    Igniting Research Collaborations (IRC) seeks to increase interdisciplinary scientific engagement and leverage the breadth of expertise across campus to tackle important problems in the Commonwealth. An IRC pilot must be a NEW collaboration of faculty from at least 2 different colleges. The maximum budget amount is $50,000.
  • Research Leadership Academy
    The University of Kentucky Research Leadership Academy (RLA), supported by the Office of the Vice President for Resarch, is a multi-component program with three independent tracks which will accelerate the development of aspirational research leaders. The RLA is an immersive program focused on research leadership career development, complex programmatic grant proposals, and emerging themes in research and creative work.

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