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How can our company benefit from collaborating with UK Research?

Corporate partners benefit in a number of ways including advancing business and product development priorities, accessing labs and specialized equipment, accessing research talent and domain expertise, accessing federal grant programs as well as UK’s vast technology portfolio. 

What research areas or disciplines does the university specialize in?

UK supports and empowers innovative research in all forms practiced across our diverse campus, varied disciplines and more than 70 centers and institutes.  Learn more about UK’s Research Priority Areas here.

How does the university facilitate collaboration between corporate partners and researchers?

UK prioritizes collaborative research between our research experts and our corporate partners by providing dedicated resources through UK Innovation Connect.  Learn how to collaborate with UK Research by clicking here.

Are there funding or grant opportunities available for corporate research partnerships?

There are many federal grant programs that prioritize corporate research collaboration with university partners.  Our UK Innovation Connect team will be happy to help you find the right fit for your research needs.