Photo of Bart Massey, Executive Director of the USA Drone Port talking to Community Health Worker Carole Frazier (foreground) about visual observer training for the Jericho Project to deliver PPE to rural Kentuckians.
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  • Dec 15 2020

What do you get when you combine personal protective equipment, drones, lay health advisors and the University of Kentucky? Innovation in Appalachian Kentucky.

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    • Jan 14 2021

    Vince Venditto, PhD, assistant professor in the UK College of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmaceutical Science, has extensive expertise in vaccine design. He was trained in organic synthesis and vaccine development. He is currently working on a clinical trial with community pharmacies to understand the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in Kentucky.

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    • Jan 14 2021

    The research team will take a closer look at how the muscle weakness associated with Marfan syndrome leads to problems with hip joint muscle function, muscle morphology and gait mechanics. The exact association of these factors with the onset of hip joint pain and cartilage degeneration is unknown and of particular interest to the researchers.

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    • Jan 12 2021

    A new study by UK Markey Cancer Center researchers shows that DACH1 mutations are prevalent in Kentucky patients with endometrial cancer, suggesting that DACH1 may be a candidate biomarker for future trials with immunotherapy.

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    • Jan 11 2021

    On-farm research helps scientists and producers gain new knowledge that improves and advances agriculture. These valuable relationships between Kentucky farmers and UK researchers work toward the goal of more efficient and profitable Kentucky farms.

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  • Dec 07 2020

It has been nearly one year since SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) changed the world. With millions of people infected and over a quarter-million dead in the United States (U.S.), the novel coronavirus continues its pervasive hold on our health and well-being.