Ann Stowe in lab
  • Video
  • Feb 19 2020

In this edition of People Behind Our Research, UK's Ann Stowe explains her work to understand how inflammation after stroke can be shaped to support rewiring in the brain and recovery of function that might be lost with injury.

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The scientists and scholars at the University of Kentucky are remarkable people. Some of them have a very personal connection to field they have chosen: a family member battling addiction or disease. Some of them began their journey based on curiosity. A drive to find out why the world works the way it does.

What they all have in common is a passion to ignite progress and partner across fields and with communities to confront, head on, the most profound challenges. Research can do that, and our researchers tell you why and how.

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  • Podcast
  • Feb 10 2020

Everything is Science is a weeklong festival featuring experts from Lexington and beyond, who will give presentations, demonstrations and conversation in laid-back spaces.