Light Microscopy Core

Light Microscopy Core Who We Are

The primary mission of light microscopy core is to support the optical imaging needs of the UK research community by assisting them in obtaining, analyzing, and quantifying high quality images and data. The facility provides access to and expertise in a wide range of advanced imaging instrumentation that include confocal, multiphoton, and super resolution microscopes. 

Photo Gallery

Click through these images to see our equipment in action.

Use Imaris for free

The facility has a full version of  Imaris data analysis software on a 1 TB RAM computer to handle large imaging files. Contact Thomas to discuss how Imaris can help you with your research.

New booking software

We are testing a new core management software on the Nikon A1R. Please book the A1R in both FOM and the PPMS calendar which can be accessed at Use your link blue credentials for logging in and setting up your account information. We will likely transition to the new system in the near future.

For general inquiries regarding the Light Microscopy Core, please submit the following form.