Light Microscopy Core Facility Relocation

The Light Microscopy Core has relocated to suite 080-088 in the basement of the Healthy Kentucky Research Building (HKRB). This new location meets our current and future needs. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions, or simply want to have a tour here. We look forward to meeting you!


Light Microscopy Core Who We Are

The primary mission of light microscopy core is to support the optical imaging needs of the UK research community by assisting them in obtaining, analyzing, and quantifying high quality images and data. The facility provides access to and expertise in a wide range of advanced imaging instrumentation that include confocal, multiphoton, and super resolution microscopes. 


Photo Gallery

Click through these images to see our equipment in action.

​cells on scaffhold 1-Airyscan Processing-01 (Turn around X)
Cells grown on 3d scaffold, imaged with the Zeiss 880. Courtesy of Divakar Karanth.

Nikon AXR confocal microscope

Our LMC has just added the Nikon AXR confocal microscope to our equipment roster. It combined high-speed Resonant scanners and high-resolution Galvano scanners up to 8k resolution. The wide field of view (25 mm) can accommodate larger samples and save image time. In conjunction with Nikon AXR confocal, we have also upgraded our data analysis capabilities. The newest NIS-Element software now includes powerful deconvolution features and AI integration. The General Analysis 3 (GA3) package offers an analysis pipeline with AI capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for image analysis. Please contact us for inquires and bookings.


For general inquiries regarding the Light Microscopy Core, please submit the following form.