Research Priorities Initiative

Grants and Contracts to RPAs 2015 through 2021

Research Awards in Priority Areas

$69.8 million

cancer awards in FY21

$34 million

cardiovascular awards in FY21

$63.5 million

diabetes & obesity awards in FY21

$32.4 million

diversity & inclusion awards in FY21

$45.6 million

energy awards in FY21

$78.3 million

neuroscience awards in FY21

$97.2 million

substance use disorder awards in FY21


Source: UK OSPA database, based on keyword searches using natural language processing with unique keywords related to each priority area. Priority areas are not exclusive to one particular area, projects may fit in more than one area. 

This video with Vice President for Research Lisa Cassis explains the Research Priorities Initiative. 

The Healthy Kentucky Research Building is focused on four of the seven research priorities (cancer, diabetes & obesity, cardiovascular diseases & stroke, substance use disorder).