Office of the Attending Veterinarian 

What We Do

The Office of the Attending Veterinarian supports the University community’s legal and ethical responsibility to use animals in ways that are scientifically, medically and humanely appropriate. The OAV provides oversight, guidance, support and assistance to members of the University community in support of their appropriate use of vertebrate animals in research, teaching and testing. 

Report Animal Concerns

Any person who witnesses or suspects misuse of animals in UK research or teaching is encouraged to report their concern to 1-859-257-8295. No adverse action will be taken against anyone making a report. You are NOT required to give your name.

Accreditation and Assurances

PHS assurance number D16-00217 (A3336-01)
USDA number 61-R-0002
AAALAC, Intl. Unit # 13 DLAR, most recent accreditation date: March 15, 2018