Cayuse AO

Cayuse Animal Oversight is UK's online animal research protocol management and animal ordering system. It also tracks animal census, personnel training and invoicing. All University of Kentucky animal research protocol applications must be processed via Cayuse AO. Principal investigators and research staff involved in assisting investigators in preparing protocol applications and/or ordering animals must have user accounts established before they can access Cayuse AO.

  • Principal investigator(PI) qualification requirements: The IACUC has established requirements for PIs in IACUC Document 113. New PIs should confirm they meet the requirements before requesting an Cayuse AO PI user account.
  • PI user accountNew PIs must establish a new user account by completing the Cayuse AO PI Account Request Form.
  • Non-PI user accounts: New user accounts for the purposes of assisting PIs with protocols and/or animal orders can be requested by completing the Non-PI User Account Request Form. Non-PI accounts can have all the same access to work on protocols and order animals as the PI with the exception of electronically signing the protocol assurances page and submitting the protocol to the IACUC.
  • Cayuse AO training: Check the Cayuse AO Sharepoint site for step-by-step instructions on using Cayuse AO. Viewing short training videos is recommended, especially for first-time users. Access to help resources is available quickly via hyperlinks throughout the protocol application preparation process.
  • Recommended browsersChrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers. Internet Explorer does not work with Cayuse AO.
  • Start the protocol: Logon to Cayuse AO and begin protocol preparation.
  • Cayuse AO 60 minute timeout: The system will time-out after 60 minutes of database inactivity. Save your work often.