Collaborative Grant Services


Our mission is to provide a universal service for all units we serve. Superior and standard service can be expected due to our staff members’ expertise, as well as their knowledge regarding the individual principal investigators (PIs), departments, institutes, and colleges they support.


Our vision is to handle the business of research so PIs can focus on the research.

Guiding Principles – People-Processes-Technology

Guiding Principles – People-Processes-Technology

  • Focus on the One University philosophy and taking care of our people

    • Create and foster balance and career progression for Collaboratives staff

    • Teamwork built on respect, civility and integrity

  • Streamline and standardize processes to provide a consistent level of service while staying compliant

    • Equal or improved services that have flexibility and customization for the uniqueness of a given unit

    • Ensure that staff know how and why they do things critical to the support of investigators

    • Position the University for long-term research funding growth

  • Leverage technologies that increase administrative efficiencies and reporting capabilities

    • Maximize use of existing and new technologies to establish single source of truth that instills confidence in the data

    • Establish systems that are sustainable through growth while investing in user-friendly technologies



Our goal is to provide effective pre- and post-award grants administration support in the most efficient and consistent manner possible, to enable PIs to focus on scientific goals, and department administrators (DAs) and/or other unit administrative personnel to focus on unit business management.

The Collaboratives staff will strive to provide:

  • High-level of customer service, including accurate and timely communications and transaction processing 

  • Continuous improvement of processes, leveraging technology to the fullest extent possible to streamline transactions

  • Consultative and proactive advising and assistance with the business needs of our customers

  • Protection of UK assets via rigorous compliance monitoring