Imaging Facility


Room Locations of Equipment in Suite 001 of HSRB

  • B - Nikon AR1+
  • D - Zeiss PALM Laser Microbeam
  • E - Nikon N-SIM N-STORM Super Resolution (Scheduled to be available in September 2016)
  • H - Philips TECNAI12BT Electron Microscopy
  • K - Leica TSP SP5 Confocal with Environmental Chamber
  • L - Leica TCS SP5 Inverted Confocal with Multiphoton Laser

Interim Directors - Dr. Sidney (Wally) Whiteheart (
                            Dr. Alan Daughterty (

Staff - James Begley (

To schedule time with the equipment, please visit the online system. Login required.

The facility is accessible at any time to members of the UK community that have an appropriate identification badge. Technical assistance will be available on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Directions to the HSRB Light Microscopy Core

The Light Microscopy core is located in room 001 of the Peter P. Bosomworth Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB), at 1095 VA Drive, next to the Veterans Administration Hospital, and across University Drive from the Blanding/Kirwan Complex. Room 001 is located in the basement. For more detailed directions, call 859-323-6108.

HSRB Building

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