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David Powell

David PowellDavid K Powell, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor in Biomedical Engineering
University of Kentucky
Rm 38 Davis Mills Bldg
800 Rose Street 
Lexington, Ky 40504-0098

I entered the medical imaging community in 2001 after completing a PhD in Solid State Physics at the University of Kentucky. I have worked at the MRISC, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Center, at the University of Kentucky since 2001 as a systems specialist and MRI physicist helping with analysis, protocol development, equipment integration and systems administration.

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My research interests include:

  • Alzheimer’s Dementia 
  • traumatic brain injury
  • magnetization transfer
  • diffusion tensor imaging
  • preoperative fMRI & DTI



Recent Publications

  1. "Alterations in multiple measures of white matter integrity in normal women at high risk for Alzheimer's disease.” Gold BT, Powell DK, Andersen A, Smith C., NeuroImage, In Press (2010).
  2. “Dissociable frontal controls during visible and memory-guided eye-tracking of moving targets.” Ding JH, Powell DK, & Jiang, Y., Human Brain Mapping, (2009). PMCID: 2767402.
  3. “Hemispheric Asymmetries in Tracking Occluded moving Targets with the Mind’s Eye: Simultaneous Event-Related fMRI and Eye-Movement Recording.” Jiang Y, Jinhong D, Gold BT, Powell DK. Brain Imaging and Behavior, (2008).
  4. “Age-related slowing of task switching is associated with decreased integrity of frontoparietal white matter.”, Gold BT, Powell DK, Xuan L, Jicha GA, Smith CD., Neurobiol Aging, (2008). PMID: 18495298.
  5. “White matter diffusion alterations in normal women at resk of Alzheimer’s disease.”, Smith CD, Chebrolu H, Andersen AH, Powell DK, Lovell MA, Xiaong S, Gold BT. Neurobiol Aging, (2008). PMID: 18801597.
  6. “MRI evaluation of the tibial tunnel/screw/tendon interface after ACL reconstruction using a bioabsorbable interference screw.”, Singhal MC, Holzhauer M, Powell D, Johnson DL. Orthopedics. 31(6):575-9 (2008). PMID: 18661880 .
  7. “Speed of lexical decision correlates with diffusion anisotropy in left parietal and frontal white matter: evidence from diffusion tensor imaging.”, Gold BT, Powell DK, Xuan L, Jiang Y, Hardy PA. Neuropsychologia. (11):2439-46 (2007). PMID: 17509627 .
  8. Functional dissociation in frontal and striatal areas for processing of positive and negative reward information.”, Liu X, Powell DK, Wang H, Gold BT, Corbly CR, Joseph JE, J Neurosci. 27(17):4587-97 (2007). PMID: 17460071.
  9. “fMRI in alert, behaving monkeys: An adaptation of the human infant familiarization novelty preference procedure”, Joseph JE, Powell DK, Andersen AH, Bhatt RS, Dunlap MK, Foldes ST, Forman E, Hardy PA, Steinmetz NA, Zhang Z., J Neurosci Methods. 157(1):10-24 (2006). PMID: 16675025.
  10. “Dissociation of automatic and strategic lexical-semantics: functional magnetic resonance imaging evidence for differing roles of multiple frontotemporal regions”, Gold BT, Balota DA, Jones SJ, Powell DK, Smith CD, Andersen AH, J Neurosci. 26(24), 6523-32 (2006). PMID: 16775140.