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The nCounter Analysis System is a fully automated system for the next generation of digital gene expression analysis. Through the use of a unique coding technology, direct counting of individual mRNA molecules is made possible across all levels of biological expression. The nCounter Analysis System requires only 100ng of total RNA or raw cell lysate of 10,000 cells to measure hundreds of genes. (


1.  Prep Station

Purifies hybridized samples and immobilizes them in a cartridge for data collection.

2.  Digital Analyzer

Collects code counts for each barcode and provides a simple count for each gene and control.  Accepts 6  cartridges with 12 samples per cartridge.

Reagents and Supplies:

1.  nCounter Master Kit

All consumables and reagents required for sample processing on the Prep Station are provided in the nCounter Master Kit (including a cartridge holding 12 samples per cartridge) and come ready to load onto the deck of the robot.  No reagent preparation or dilutions are required.

2.  Custom CodeSet

The set of molecular barcodes specifically designed to target your genes of interest.  A comprehensive mix of controls are added to each CodeSet to quantitate, QC, and normalize gene expression.

For a list of available CodeSets go to NanoString Technologies ( 

For CodeSet design and order, contact Seth Meyers(Regional Account Manager) at smeyers@nanostring.comEach investigator will need to purchase their own CodeSets and nCounter Master kits from Nanostring Technologies.

For data quality assessment and analysis help, contact Michael Jansen (Field Application Specialist) at

Services and Fees:

For CodeSet setup, there are two options: 

A.  Set up your own hybridization reactions in the Microarray lab. Fee: $65 per cartridge of 12 samples.

B.  Submit RNA samples to the Microarray lab to set up hybridization by the staff. Fee: $85 per cartridge of 12 samples. 

The overnight hybridization needs to be carried out in the Microarray Facility in order to go directly to the Prep Station from incubation temperature. The Microarray facility is responsible for loading the hybridized samples onto the Prep Station and transfer to the nCounter analyzer for data collection.  Data will  be emailed to the investigator.

The fees are charged based on per cartridge run (each cartridge holds up to 12 samples):

Hybridization setup -  $20

Prep Station loading, Digital Analyzer usage and data collection - $65

nCounter Master Kit - $350 per kit (contains 1 cartridge)

Please contact the Microarray Facility for questions and scheduling  (859)323-6979.

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