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Interested in the ethical conduct of human research? Want to know more about the IRB process? Then become an IRB member! The Office of the Vice President for Research and ORI appreciate volunteers and are always on the look out for interested and committed members. Contact Judi Kuhl for more information (859-257-9764).

























Human Research Forms

E-IRB Information (web-based IRB application under development)


Initial Review

Medical IRB

  • Medical Expedited Review Application [HTML]
  • Medical Full Review Application [HTML]

Nonmedical IRB

  • Nonmedical Expedited Review Application [HTML]
  • Nonmedical Full Review Application [HTML]

Exemption Certification Request (application) [HTML]

If you are completing an IRB Application for research involving human subjects, please visit ORI's Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) web page to determine if your research falls under the HIPAA Privacy Regulation.

Send IRB materials to:

Office of Research Integrity at

315 Kinkead Hall
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0057
Ph: (859) 257-9428
FAX: (859) 257-8995
Hours of Operation: 8am-12pm; 1pm-5pm

All Other Human Research Forms


Effective April 11, 2016, all new protocol submissions, modifications, adverse events, violations and continuation reviews may be submitted by e-mail.  

To submit by e-mail, all IRB forms and study documents should be submitted as one PDF that is readable, searchable, and contains standardized bookmarks. 

Email completed PDF submissions to You will receive an automated notification of receipt by email. Please contact Heather Gozzard at or Michelle Hill at with any questions.

Note: The form icon indicates a document that is a PDF E-form. If you are experiencing problems downloading or filling in a form from our page, try using an alternate browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, IE).

  • Modification Request Form [WORD] [PDF]form Revised 1/13/14
    • How to prepare your Modification Request e-mail submission: [PDF]

  • Study Personnel List Template [WORD] [RTF] Revised 3/10/14

  • Protocol Violation Form [WORD] [PDF]form
    Revised 1/7/11
    • How to prepare your Protocol Violation e-mail submission: [PDF]

  • Continuation Review Report Form (SAMPLE) [PDF] Revised 3/2015
    • How to prepare your Continuation Review e-mail submission: [PDF]

  • Emergency Use Checklist [WORD] [RTF] Revised 7/24/07


  • HIPAA De-identification Certification Form [WORD] [PDF]form Revised 2/20/14

  • HIPAA Waiver of Authorization Form [WORD] [PDF]form Revised 8/21/07

Unanticipated Problem/Safety Reporting (Effective starting June 15, 2006)

How to prepare your Unanticipated Problem/Safety Reporting e-mail submission: [PDF]

  • Internal Prompt Reporting Form [WORD] [RTF]

  • External Prompt Reporting Form [WORD] [RTF]

  • If the sponsor requires the PI to submit reports to the IRB that do not require prompt reporting according to UK’s policy, the PI may complete the “Cover Form for Non-Prompt Reporting of Problems/Events”: Cover Form for Non-Prompt Reporting of Problems/Events [WORD] [RTF]

  • Unanticipated/Anticipated Problem/Adverse Event Reporting SOP [PDF] Revised 7/8/11
  • IRB Policy on Unanticipated Problem and Safety Reporting [PDF] Policy Effective June 15, 2006; Revised March 22, 2016


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