UK Office of Research Integrity

Humane Animal Care

Any person who witnesses or suspects abuse of animals in UK research or teaching is encouraged to report their concern to: 1-866-400-9428. No adverse action will be taken against anyone making a report. You are NOT required to give your name.

Accreditation and Assurances

PHS assurance number D16-00217 (A3336-01)
USDA number 61-R
AAALAC, Intl. Unit # 13 Most recent Accreditation date: November 6, 2012

Online IACUC Protocol Applications

New Principal Investigators should complete and submit the eSirius Account Request Form to set up their online account. When you have your eSirius logon ID and password, click here to go to the Online IACUC Protocol Submission site.

IACUC Inspection Schedule

IACUC Required Semiannual Inspections: Most inspections of animal housing and animal usage areas will be announced. Announced inspections are listed on the IACUC Calendar once they have been scheduled.

IACUC Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures

The IACUC has developed policies, guidelines, and procedures to help the researcher and the University to meet the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act. The most recently updated documents are shown below. The entire list may be viewed or downloaded here.

November 9, 2016: The IACUC approved "IACUC Document 132: Pilot Studies". This document provides guildelines for the oversight of pilot studies at the University of Kentucky.

June 15, 2016: The IACUC amended and approved "IACUC Document 103: Euthanasia". This document establishes policies and provides guidelines for the performance of euthanasia on laboratory animal species.

April 20, 2016: The IACUC amended and approved "IACUC Document 124: Semiannual Site Inspections with Special Circumstances". This document describes the Semiannual Site Inspection Requirements.

February 28, 2016: The IACUC amended and approved "Housing Biomedical Research Animals Outside of DLAR or College of Agriculture Facilites". The document establishes the standard of care that is acceptable to and required by the University of Kentucky IACUC and also addresses conditions that must be fulfilled and the documentation required to maintain AAALAC accreditation and continued PHS Assurance for the University.


Need a Statistical Consultant?

The Applied Statistics Laboratory (ASL) exists to build collaborative bridges between statisticians and other investigators. ASL stands ready to assist the researcher in justifying the numbers to assure statistical validity.

Click here to make an online request for a statistical consultation appointment.