Cayuse 424 Proposal Preparation and Submission System

University of Kentucky researchers will now have access to a new software system that will make it easier to create fully developed, compliant and accurate proposals for submission to federal and non-federal sponsors. The Cayuse 424 Proposal Preparation and Submission system is designed to provide faculty and staff with a mechanism to streamline the proposal process by storing and auto-populating institutional information, budgetary calculations, and uploadable professional profiles for Principal Investigators. There is real-time validation that is provided in easy to understand language and prompts for correction to ensure a compliant proposal the first time. The entire system is designed to make the application process less of a burden for researchers which is crucial for both the quality and quantity of proposals generated.

The Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) will be providing training and front-line support for the system. There will be a training period with a variety of offerings available, and then some departments will pilot the live version. We currently expect the system to be available to the entire campus by the end of April. Below are the current training opportunities and no registration is required. Please contact Sean Scott with any questions.

Introductory Presentation
An overview of the system and its features from the perspective of the PI or others who generate proposals will be provided. The agenda will include the creation of professional profiles, how to start a proposal, budget development and other functionalities. All classes will last from one and a half to two hours and will be in room 102 of the Mining & Minerals Building.

  • New schedule coming soon!

Computer Labs 
These four hour labs provide an opportunity for people to get hands on experience with the system while subject matter experts are available for questions and assistance. You can come for 20 minutes, or stay for an hour. Labs will be held in room 204 McVey Hall. Computers will be first come first serve.

  • New schedule coming soon!

Click Here for the Cayuse 424 FAQ's

Click Here for the Cayuse 424 User Manual

Click Here to Login to the Cayuse 424 Test System 
Use your linkBLUE ID to login with the password "WildCat".

Click Here to Login to the Cayuse 424 Production System 
Use your linkBLUE ID and password to login.

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