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UK Office of Technology Commercialization

The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) is the technology transfer office for the University of Kentucky (UK). The core mission of the OTC is to facilitate the commercialization of UK innovations and discoveries for the benefit of the University community, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and global society.

The OTC is charged with:

  • Creating a campus environment that values and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Assessing, protecting, managing and licensing University innovations and discoveries
  • Executing Material Transfer, Data Sharing, and Confidentiality agreements
  • Connecting the University community with regional and national partners to promote collaborative research projects, technology licensing, and University intellectual property-based startups
  • Educating the University community, as well as stakeholders, about processes and resources regarding intellectual property protection, technology commercialization, and startup companies

The OTC currently has over 400 patent assets available for licensing, across a broad spectrum of research fields such as: drug design and development; drug delivery systems; diagnostics and therapeutics; plant biotech; equine health; advanced materials; nanotechnology; renewable energy; biofuels; energy generation and storage; and visualization & imaging.

The OTC has extensive experience cultivating and managing intellectual property (IP); negotiating and executing license deals; collaborating with industry, government and other institutions of higher education; and managing startup company initiatives. With these, the OTC has the ability to successfully accelerate promising technologies to market. Our track record includes licenses to global companies as well as successful University of Kentucky IP-based startups.

The OTC’s efforts are backed by a team of professionals and UK student interns (OTC Fellows), who provide broad support to the UK community and other stakeholders with IP development, technology marketing, legal (patents, contracts, etc.), business start-up help, and administrative service offerings. OTC also collaborates with peer UK resources including the Von Allman Center for Entrepreneurship, the Coldstream Research Campus and the Office of Sponsored Project Administration, among others, to provide access to entrepreneur, research and investor networks, resources and facilities to support faculty and student entrepreneurial activities.

For UK Faculty, Students and Staff
UK OTC offers the following services to UK faculty, students and staff:

  • Patent filing and IP management
  • Technology marketing
  • Technology license agreements
  • Material and data transfer agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Inter-institutional agreements
  • Educational meetings and presentations on any of our services

For Industry and Investors
UK OTC is actively looking for industry and investor partners. We work efficiently to facilitate:

  • License agreements
  • Material and data transfer agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • On-campus meetings with researchers
  • Investment opportunities
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Pitch meetings and events
  • Newsletters, which include select available technologies

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