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The programs listed in the UK Faculty Research Support Guide are available to full-time faculty members — regular, special, research or clinical title series, and to senior research staff who are eligible to serve as a PI on external grants.

All requests for internal support require the approval of and electronic submission through the college administration and department chair or center & institute director.

Requests and proposals are to be submitted to VPR Grants. Indicate PI's name and program name in subject line.

For questions contact:
Office of the Vice President for Research
311 Main Building, 0032
257-5090, fax: 323-2800

Conference and Workshop Awards

In an effort to encourage the University of Kentucky as a possible site for regional, national or international professional organizations' conferences and workshops, faculty may submit a brief proposal for partial support (maximum of $4,000) of such conferences.  Proposals should indicate why supporting the workshop will enhance the university's visibility, competitiveness for future funding, or status.


  • the nature of the conference or workshop (dates, venue, speakers, audience including recent or anticipated attendance)
  • fiscal year for which the funding would be necessary
  • detailed budget including costs and income which may be collected from prospective participants
  • financial support that will be coming from departments, colleges or other sources.

Supported Costs:

Research will support costs for:

  • Travel and honoraria for outside speakers
  • Symposium expenses such as room rental, audiovisual services

Research cannot support costs for:

  • Social events associated with the symposium
  • Purchases requiring payment from a discretionary account


Due to budget constraints for this program, we anticipate not being able to fund all requests. Thus, for full consideration, all requests for the current fiscal year are due by December 2, 2016. We will only consider requests after this date if there are unspent funds for this program.

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